We edit

We edit
: Dan Gillmor just put up the first chapter of his book, inviting edits.

  • Joe Peden

    The Guy is Insane.

  • Just sent him my thoughts. Here they are:
    “Four comments.
    One, I think you’re missing some critical pieces of the cultural story of blogs – reality TV shows form the early 1990s were part of the same desire for immediate relevance and indirect interactivity that talk radio tapped into, but in a different social group.
    Two, the development of Moveon.org in 1998, and online stock trading message boards was where a lot of people first started to bypass traditional business journalism and traditional political journalism. You should listen to Dick Morris’s interview here: http://www.bopnews.com/archives/000080.html
    Three, on 9/11, one of the key drivers of public journalism – email, IMs, blogs – was to see if your friends were alive. That was something journalists couldn’t cover for months – remember how long it took for lists to be developed? Well, my high school alum network was buzzing almost immediately about someone who was lost from our class in the towers.
    Four, a quibble. “First, industries consolidate. This is in the nature of capitalism.” This is a questionable claim. You might want to say, ‘First, industries with high capital costs consolidate. This is in the nature of capitalism.'”

  • Dan Herzlich

    Wow, what a hype-fest. Jeneanne does a good sendup of this with her parody: Phonecon. Go to her blog and read it. The height of hubris is to a major event like 9/11 and portray it’s importance solely in terms of promoting your own agenda.
    DH – “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

  • Joe

    I enjoyed the article about bloggers. Please visit my blog on Cubs Baseball.