Just turn the dial to the left

Just turn the dial to the left
: The liberal radio network, Air America, is going on the air on March 31. Here’s the program lineup.

  • weimdog

    How ironic is it that KBLA (AM 1580) in Los Angeles is about as far to the right on a radio dial you can go.
    The problem for this station is going to be to try to draw listeners from the big 3 in LA: KFI (am 640), KABC (am 790), and KRLA (AM 870), all of which stream live on the internet.

  • Joe Peden

    Liberals think free thought is “reciting the alphabet”, to say nothing of “sniffing drainpipes”. [Bob Dylan, Desolation Row] They think recitation causes thought, just as does advertising, that is, that which causes their kind of thought, repetitive sounds. But I do hope they instead have something creative to say, other than only advertising their thought by echolailailinging. Otherwise we will all only be spinning before our graves, getting warmed up for the then eternal spinning within our graves. I do not like death prior to death. Hopefully, Air America will not be this.

  • I have a friend who works there. I keep trying to get him to explore these ideas. Arrrrggh.

  • hen

    they’ll be off the air before stern – guar-an-tee. and not because of the evil Bush administration(tm) – because commercially it is not a viable enterprise.
    (unless of course Soros and Moore prop it up for as long as their millions hold out)

  • Joe Peden

    What is a “wiki”?

  • Will they take calls on the air? I’m curious. I think they wish to drown out “free-speech” and blame it on the Patriot Act.

  • Sam Donaldson has been on the air for a few years now, and Disney/ABC Radio is too cheap to give him the online support he needs to build up the “community” aspect of his show.

  • Why are you guys so paranoid about liberals or something?

  • Vox

    Their problem is they have the contrary position and abrasiveness needed in an oppostion party/position, they just haven’t figured out how to make it entertaining.
    People don’t need to tune in to liberal talk radio just to hear the party line and more whining, so they won’t. If it turns out to be amusing and offers a fun and/or informative viewpoint, they will. I am not holding my breath with the line up they’ve announced so far.

  • some random person

    Liberals already have a smart-liberal radio network in NPR. This network is going to be counter productive for them. The integration of the whole thing that is so enticing to liberals is going to constanly emphasize the wedge issues between the different liberal groups. The thing is going to end up like pacifica with preperation-h commercials as it loses all but the most dedicated leftists. I agree with ‘hen’ above.
    Liberals think that mass talk radio fuels the right, but it’s the demographics of the right that fuels mass talk radio.

  • James Stephenson

    Some Random has it right.
    See what right leaning blogs do now, Talk Radio has been doing for years. Giving someone a place to listen to or read the news that they wish to hear.
    If I want a liberal slant on news, I have several options, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, 60 Minutes, 48 hours. Man, there are tons of places to hear their speel. Now they have this Air America coming up. I got news for em, do they not think this has been tried and failed before? When it fails this time with all of this money, they will be screaming Censorship. Yet, it will be that evil market they hate so much. Free Market. Then they will really go after talk radio hard.
    How about the right? Talk Radio and Fox News. Wow, it looks like it is a conspiracy to shut down the Left’s right to free speech. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.
    Oh and a lot of the Talk Radio folks are libertarians. Most do not care for the Marriage Amendment. Most would fight for Stern, if they thought he was really under attack by the Government.

  • I used to listen to Jim Hightower, a famous attempt at liberal radio — in between ringing bells like a morning radio DJ caricature straight out of The Simpsons, he would quite simply spew at Evil Republicans and Evil Democrats Who Weren’t Liberal Enough (including Clinton). There was little or no attempt by Hightower at argument or persuasion; it was simply a daily litany of his gripes. I think a lot of us expect more of the same from this new “network”.
    This is why so many of us are confident that this artificially constructed liberal network is an overhyped failure waiting to happen. Too many liberal pundits still think that their opinions are unquestionably right, and that it just goes without saying why — generally falling into the template of “those evil people don’t care about XXX because they don’t want to deal with XXX the way we say to” — XXX being the environment, the schools, etc, things that all of us care about and get annoyed when we’re told we don’t — whereas successful right wing radio show hosts Like Limbaugh and Hannity understand that they constantly have to provide argument and persuasion.
    A Limbaugh is far more likely to use a template like “the liberals will fail at XXX because they ignore the reality of XXX — here’s what actually causes XXX and here’s how XXX could be approached more positively.” Problem is, this method of argument is so much more effective than simply calling your opponent evil, that liberals think it is “hate speech” — while calling their own enemies evil is “not*.
    These apparently aren’t easy lessons to learn, and injections of money won’t change anything. Al Franken shows every sign of being Jim Hightower II — only without the high-pitched voice, and a broader range of invective at his disposal.

  • Air America? They named it after a CIA front company?
    Why do people bother with drugs? The world is too goddamn surreal as it is…

  • HH

    Still haven’t found any comments on Franken’s title of “The O’Franken Factor,” especially after the “Talking Points” kerfuffle between Josh Marshall and the Washington Post (note that O’Reilly did not get involved).
    As for Sam Donaldson, his show’s a snoozer and when you’re a network with Sean Hannity, his ratings look all the worse.

  • tom

    Chuck D? Cool. Now *that* is something I’d like to hear.
    As for NPR being “a smart-liberal radio network”, perhaps. But I don’t think that NPR does the Democratic-leaning person justice on a grand scale. It’s still a subsegment of the left, and doesn’t necessarily represent the greater group. Not that Air America will be the “be all, end all”, but it’s a different outlet for those colors in the spectrum.

  • “The site (which could change before launch) defines “interacting” as sending them email. Lost opportunity, liberals.”
    Lost opportunity? I’d say rather it’s entirely typical.
    Liberals aren’t interested in feedback. They already know the right answers. The point of liberal media is to tell The Peepul what their superiors already know, certainly not to *listen* to the feeble-minded little dears.
    If liberals want feedback on their ideas, what they should do is check out a few books on 20th Century history.

  • ronbo

    WLIB? What, they couldn’t get a slot on WBAI? Perhaps it’s changed, but I recall LIB as the home of the hard, hard left.

  • Stick Bug

    Word is they’re going to be teaming up with blogs.

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