The White House B&B back in business

The White House B&B back in business
: Kathy Kinsley reports that Bush is having big contributors over to the Lincoln bedroom. She doesn’t have any problem with that, nor do I, nor did we when Clinton did it. Except, says Kathy, “that I do think it’s somewhat hypocritical for him to be doing something he criticized.” Yup.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Jeff, did you read the article, or just link to it?

    Los Angeles attorney Donald Etra stayed at the Bush White House several times and at Camp David once. Etra, a Yale classmate of President Bush, said he and his wife were invited as friends, not because they each gave Bush $1,000 in 2000.

    The guy has been Bush’s friend for 30+ years, and gave the Bush campaign a grand total of $2000 three years ago.
    If you ran for president, might you not expect that your friends would contrinute to your campaign? Would you then figure you had to cut off social relations with those people?
    Do you really imagine you get that kind of access for a measly two thousand dollars?
    The original comment was dumb. I’m not impressed with you falling for it, either.

  • weimdog

    The difference between the Clinton & Bush sleep-overs is the fact that President Clinton actively solictited cash for access –
    “Yes, pursue all 3 and promptly — and get other names of the 100,000 or more,” Clinton wrote, apparently seeking names of people who had given $100,000 or more to the Democrats. Clinton went on: “Ready to start overnights right away — give me the top 10 list back, along with the 100.”
    Clinton personally authorized a variety of perks for top party contributors, including golf games and morning jogs with him and overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom, the documents show. Memos written by close advisers confirm that small White House gatherings with the president were intended to stroke wealthy backers. The documents include references to “Coffee w/Top 20 Fundraisers,” “donor events . . . in the White House East Wing” and “servicing dinners (White House)” for those who chipped in at least $100,000.
    * Candice Bergen
    * Chevy Chase
    * Ted Danson
    * Richard Dreyfuss
    * Jane Fonda
    * Tom Hanks
    * Christine Lahti
    * James Naughton
    * Mary Steenburgen
    * Rita Wilson
    * David Geffen
    * Peter Guber
    * Norman Jewison
    * Steven Spielberg
    * Ted Turner
    * Judy Collins
    * Kathleen Battle
    * Barbra Streisand
    * Doris Kearns Goodwin
    * Neil Simon
    Clinton was so personally involved in the quest that he sought the names of other large donors to be feted at the White House and wrote out in longhand a draft direct-mail solicitation in which he pleaded with supporters to “please send us a check now

  • Pat M. (Arkansas)

    Oh My God!!!!
    Several decades-long friends of the President have visited him in the White House…and they donated money to his campaign!!!
    I demand an independent counsel investigation!!!
    I’m so ashamed!!!
    ///SARCASM OFF///

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Gee, and I thought I was getting down on you.

  • Trump

    Shame on you Jeff…try reading for context. Take off your Democrat-colored glasses next time.

  • hen

    jeff stick to whining about stern.

  • hen

    let me take that comment back – sorry.

  • Venger

    Another weak outing in the continued venal attempt to create moral equivalence between Clinton and Bush.
    There is a petty unseriousness from the left on issues like this.

  • GS

    Venger writes:
    There is a petty unseriousness from the left on issues like this.
    Doncha just love it when the pot calls the kettle black?
    Indeed, this is from the same crowd who for 8 long years lustily cheered on, while the Repug party leadership “seriously and without any pettiness” pursued such issues of vital national importance as Whitewater-gate, Trooper-gate, Travel-gate, Monica-gate, etc.
    Now, the same “happy warriors” whine and moan like cry-babies when similar crap is thrown their way, be it GWB’s spotty service record in Tx ANG, the WH sleepovers, or this administration’s numerous fibs — from “Yellowcake Uranium”-gate, to “Valerie Plame”-gate, to “Mission Accomplished”-gate, to “Thanksgiving Plastic Turkey”-gate, to … the list goes on.
    Well, now it’s the wingnuts’ turn to assume the position: quoting the incomparable Rush Limp-paw, please bend over and grab your ankles. And for the next 7-8 months, you’d better get comfy with it!
    Is it petty? Maybe. But, oh — so RICHLY deserved.

  • Wow, that was lame, GS. “Repugs”, yawn. But I’ve added you to the list of idiots who think the turkey was plastic. Drool on!

  • Jeff-
    Echoes of most of the above. Mr. Clinton defined “friend” (for sleepover purposes) as anyone that gave his campaign $100,000. I have no idea how Mr. Bush defines “friend”, but based on the information availabe, I’d suggest that it greatly differs from Mr. Clinton’s.

  • Trevor

    Jeff, this meme’s been pretty well fisked already:

  • deb

    Because of the Clinton sleepovers it is now required for Presidents to release a list of their guests. Bush did this….no problem!!!!