Carbonated Starbucks

Carbonated Starbucks
: Damned smart: Coke is creating entertainment-laden lounges for teenagers in malls. It’s the teen Starbucks. [via Adrants]

  • BigFire

    Hum… As a 6 espresso shot a day man, I might give it a try, before going back to my old way.

  • The kids at the local mall have no problem hanging out at Starbucks. I can’t get near the place on a Friday or Saturday night.

  • When i lived in Vienna, Austria, they already had this. Nobody went. But back then, the entertainment aspect wasn’t featured quite so heavily.
    It was interesting to be able to buy a beer in a place called “Coca Cola,” however.

  • tom

    In a related story, mall-based dentistry has become a new big business =)

  • ken

    Sounds like an old school soda shop to me.

  • Andy Seger

    Like Michele said the teen starbucks is starbucks (in the pacific NW at least). At my high school we use starbucks to get schoolwork done, not just for entertainment like these “coke lounges” seemed geared towards.