: I just got an abusive post and abusive email from one commenter who is now banned, whose posts have been erased, and whose email now goes into the spam trash bin unread. I’m delighted with the dialogue here but I will not tolerate abusive behavior.

  • Angus Jung

    An abusive commenter, huh? If only that narrowed it down…

  • Matthew

    But Jeff! That might’ve been Howard Stern!

  • hen

    was it Jackie the Jokeman? you can tell us Jeff

  • Considering the way some recent posts have been discussed, I’m amazed you haven’t resorted to this before now. You have more patience than I do.

  • Buzz Aldrin

    Bobabooey to you all.

  • I blame myself.

  • stubby

    (/Swiper the Fox voice) Aw man! (\Swiper the Fox voice); I always wonder who the banned commenter is/was – you never tell! I’m nosy, and I’m gossipy, but I’m also lazy, so I’m not going through all the comments lists trying to figure out who disappeared. I will now be convinced that everyone else has figured it out but me.

  • i’m not picking on anyone here, but since you bothered to fill an empty spot on your blog with empty words – like so many others before you – I’ll post an empty comment with empty words.
    Why bother with this post? Ban them and move on. Without any details whatsover or definitions of “abuse” in this particular instance, it seems, well, unhelpful.

  • Miguel

    Well done sir! This is an extension of your home and if someone comes here insulting you, you have all the right to tell them to close the door after they leave. God bless :)

  • Michael

    What are the guidelines for acceptable comments? If blogs are to be the latest and greatest in personal media creation, what good is it if you ban what you (arbitrarily) consider abusive?

  • Doctor Slack

    Without any details whatsover or definitions of “abuse” in this particular instance, it seems, well, unhelpful.
    Just watch the NRA thread. I’m sure we’ll see some examples.

  • Dave F

    Andrew, in reply to your not at all humble opinion, they are not empty words because Jeff has acted on his words. And the reason he posted the punishment was to deter others. That’s by the book.

  • Pele

    Fair play to Jeff. He takes a lot of stick in his comments so I’m sure if he’s decided to ban someone they deserve it.

  • JP

    Watching the censorship debate unfold and seeing the tremendous verve with which Jeff you speak about free speach rights for Howard S., however, I can’t help but see a bit of irony here. Am I the only one?
    Jeff, don’t get me wrong: you do it as Frank Sinatra sings! It’s your private playground here.
    Keep up the good work.