Without comment

Without comment
: Today is the first anniversary of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

: Homeland Security is, of course, big business now. McGraw-Hill is publishing its first business directory for homeland security. On the site announcing it, I see an ad for bomb-resistant trash cans. (Don’t laugh. The PATH system hasn’t had a trash can in site since 9/11.)

  • DQ

    The ‘no trash cans’ policy seems to be in effect at all Port Authority facilities. Port Authority bus terminal hasn’t had any since 9/11. Although, I find it odd that soon as you enter the subway station in the basement of the terminal, the MTA has trash cans out. I guess the MTA does not see it as a threat or the PA is over reacting.

  • Max Petersen

    No trashcans at the airports (NYC)either.

  • Person of Choler

    That homeland security stuff is a crock and is only diverting us from the really important issues of same sex marriage, getting Howard Stern back on the six stations that took him off their schedule, and trashing Mel Gibson.
    Your 9/11 story is only a bad dream, right? I’m glad that you have fully recovered from that dreadful hallucination.
    Glad to have you back in the fight on the Side of Good.

  • John

    Considering the problem the MTA had on Sunday with a homeless guy tossing a trash can (and several other items) onto the tracks on the Sixth Ave. local in Greenwhich Village, the trash can ban by the Port Authority doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, even if there are no terror-related problems.

  • Dave F

    Trashcans were banned on British Rail and I think London Tube sites after an IRA trashcan bomb killed people in the Eighties.