Nader, the dork, does it

Nader, the dork, does it
: Ralph Nader proves that he’s nothing but ego, officially announces. The story from Meet the Press just went up.

  • Joe Peden

    The spectacle imagined by considering McAuliff trying to convince Nader is a frightening one. It’s a wonder Terry still llves.
    Nader makes a good case from the point of view of “debate 101”, that is, in the way he presents his ideas. He is “passionate” and articulate. He is going to draw votes of Deniacs, who need another Savior, and in general of all who react to authority telling them what not to do: These will be only Democrats reacting to Democrats. Republicans support Nader’s run.

  • All the Republicans need now is for Gore to endorse Kerry and we’ll be hearing champagne corks a’poopin’…

  • Ebb Tide

    I think there should be more political parties, so let Nader run, I would also be in favor of Dean running for the Green Party or something, I have decided that having LOUD FRINGE elements in the Democratic party does them NO GOOD. It just makes independents and moderates vote for the Republicans…. so let’s get some more political parties going and let those people go for it.
    The more the merrier… More Parties, Fewer Fringe Elements.

  • nash

    I just don’t get how you keep accusing Nader of being “nothing but ego.” In the past four years the Democratic party has done nothing to mend fences with the Naderites and are on the verge of running another Al Gore lookalike candidacy.
    A vote for Kerry is a vote for Bush-lite. What an ego for Democrats to think they are owed the unquestioning support of the left wing.
    I imagine that a large number of the Deaniacs will be voting for Nader after being marginalized and ridiculed by the rest of the Democratic party just like they did to the Naderites four years ago.

  • angell

    The Democrats have too embraced Nader. Nader is a huge supporter of Kucinich. Nader, like Kucinich, is a pacifist and against any retaliation for 911 and any other jihadi attacks. He blames our policy for enraging the Osama bin ladenites. He wants to cancel the Patriot Act and cut defence by 15% and use it to teach us about the peacefulness of islam. He also believes Israel has no right to defend herself and should just allow the PLO charter to be carried to fruition–driving those Jews into the sea. Nader is highly recommended by CAIR and big time endorsed by them. Louis Farrakan loves Nader. Nader wants the US to fail in Iraq. Nader is all about America and apple pie.

  • Chuck Warner

    For any Democrat, the solution is easy to see—-HAVE AL GORE ENDORSE RALPH!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Good for him.
    As someone who mostly votes Libertarian, I can understand how he is fed up the two major parties
    My politics are probably completely the opposite of his, but I can understand how he considers both parties to be the same.
    I mean, geeze, Bush turned out to be virtually identical to Clinton on a lot of things, and to the left of him on many others (protectionism most notably, but also things like giving old people even more money. Sheesh).

  • dof

    Strange to hear that from the same person blasting the iranians mullahs for rigging the elections.
    I guess they only need real choice in Iran, while Jarvis doesn’t mind disqualifying some presidential candidates himself.
    For shame.