The power of the individual and the web

The power of the individual and the web
: On Meet the Press, Ralph Nader is being forced to watch the wonderful Flash appeal on So a few people who created this are being heard on national TV and are confronting the very man they want to confront. Now that’s power.

And, of course, Ralph is deaf to it: “That’s the liberal intelligensia… That’s a contemptuous statement.” He argues that anyone is trying to stop him from running.

No one is trying to stop you. Many are trying to get you to stop yourself, to be responsible, to recognize that you’ve become a destructive self-parody of political ego.

Ralph, you old loon.

: Here’s Nader’s campaign site. Let’s start a GoogleBomb. Here is the election spoiler.

: No blog. No forum. No chance to hear the voters speak on Ralph’s site. He doesn’t care to listen. That’s obvoius.

: NZ Bear just sent me email; noticed the same thing.

Ralph is deaf.

: Nader calls for the impeachment of Bush. “If there’s any better definition for high crimes and misdemeanors than misleading” regarding the cause to go to war he doesn’t know it, Nader tells Tim Russert.

: “We can’t just sit down like The Nation magazine,” says Nader. Russet read Nader The Nation’s editorial begging Nader not to do what he is doing this morning. Bitchslap.

: “Spoiler is a contemptuous term,” says Nader. Yes, Ralph, it is.