Girl talk

Girl talk
: Couldn’t believe my eyes just now: Tina Brown on a Sunday morning talk show (Today). Tina Brown sharing a couch with others (someone from US, someone from New York mag). Tina Brown talking about the characters on Sex and the City as if they were celebrities. Is this a case of how the mighty do drop? Or is this the real Tina engaging in girl talk?

  • Ebb Tide

    Is that the same person who has a show on cnbc with a teensy tiny rating? maybe she is making the rounds trying to drum up an audience.

  • miguel

    what’s there against girl talk, are you being sexist? you can object to the topics, but calling it girl-talk patronizing

  • What does a woman want? Just like anybody else, fergossake: Girls just wanna have fun:

  • TC

    Her show’s ratings are abysmal so she goes on a sister station’s show to maybe get a boost. Where’s the biggie? And what’s with this “mighty do drop” nonsense. Except for media-obsessed types, she’s pretty much a non-entity, as her ratings are proving out.

  • nobody

    i hate it when romenesko reports on these local celebs in pub world as though they did anything journalistic besides have lunch with people they’d then dash off a note about.
    Prozac city there.