Going to the source

Going to the source
: Glenn Reynolds shows us two quotes in The New York Times two weeks apart from one George Meagher, but the quotes are different and the description of the person is different (independent, then Republican) and one wonders why the same reporter working on the same story (declining support for Bush) couldn’t at least find new sources and new quotes.

So I decided to go to the source. I dug up an email for the museum where Mr. Meagher is curator and sent him an email asking what his experience with The Times reporter was. We’ll what he has to say, if he chooses to reply.

I’ve decided that going to the source is a good thing for bloggers to do. Yesterday, I emailed the Columbia prof who caused much discussion in blogs to offer to continue the discussion over coffee or email.

  • KMK

    Off topic but have you seen this yet? The NYT is talking about blogs and quotes Mickey Kaus.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Jeff, I’d really love to hear if you get anything from the guy in Charleston. I send Dan Okrent a note pointing it out as well.

  • What do you think you’re going to learn from the source? His actual party registration? Whether the Times’ reporter has him on speed dial whenever she needs an anti-Bush quote?