It’s the jobs, stupid

It’s the jobs, stupid
: Howard Stern, protovoter, says this morning that he’s looking at alternatives to voting for Bush (he’s trying to figure out — like many an American — whether he likes Edwards). Howard is fed up witih the atmosphere of censorship, of course. And he’s unhappy about the economy and says we need to create jobs. He speaks for masses.

Here’s the latest disappointing jobs report.

  • jay

    Howard Stern speaks for the masses?
    Masses of what?
    He’s right about the need for more jobs, though.
    After all, very few folks can earn a living by degrading women and farting into a microphone.

  • ralph

    “Howard is fed up witih the atmosphere of censorship”
    Sure, hasn’t affected his gig!

  • jay

    The Labor Department just announced that January’s payroll numbers were up by 112,000 which is the biggest increase in over three years, and at 5.6%, unemployment is at it’s lowest in two years, with inflation remaining almost non-existent.
    Such disspointing news.

  • MK

    I’m fed up with the atmosphere of censorship as well. Can we vote the heads of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, Viacom, AOL-TimeWarner, the NY Times,LA Times, The Tribune Corp. etc., etc., etc., out of office this year too?
    And how does any ONE person (i.e. Dub Bush) create more jobs? Pray tell. Please.
    The key to employment has been and always will be to make YOURSELF a top-graded employee. Or start your own business.

  • Reid

    “And how does any ONE person (i.e. Dub Bush) create more jobs?”
    He does it by the only lever the President really has over the economy: massive fiscal stimulus after the twin shocks of 9-11 and the internet bust / recession bequeathed by the Clinton Administration.
    Oh, that’s what he is doing, isn’t it?

  • Sandy P.

    Fairmodel’s predictions are up, either check the Yale Fairmodel site or econopundit.
    At this point in time Fairmodel says W’s reelection w/60%.

  • He’s “unhappy with the economy” and “speaks for the masses”? He make eight figures per year. Not seven, eight. He’s not even in contact with the same economy you and I are.
    He speaks to the masses, not “for” them. And gets paid very handsomely for doing so. But it doesn’t make him an Oracle. The points you quote aren’t exactly unique revelations or previously unspoken truths. He’s essentially saying the same thing a lot of people have been for some time. The difference? He gets paid very handsomely for doing so.

  • “He speaks for masses”
    Not like he used to:
    Howard Stern was dethroned yesterday in fall radio ratings that showed
    the shock jock plunging to his lowest numbers ever.
    Spanish-language station Mega 97.9 is the new wake-up radio king.
    “Stern wants to shock people [and] I want to make people laugh — not
    make fun of someone whose head is too little,” said Mega’s Luis Jimenez,
    whose red-hot morning show jumped 25 percent and now leads Stern by a wide
    “Stern may say, ‘Well, it’s a different audience or language,’ but 85
    percent of our listeners are bilingual and they could go anywhere they want
    — any Anglo station,” Jimenez said.

    From the Post’s coverage of the most recent arbitron ratings, posted here
    He’s actually third behind the Spanish station and 1010 WINS. If you really want the mass’s perspective you should listen to Luis Jimenez.

  • Catherine

    Jeff – I am a HUGE Stern fan myself. However, when it comes to politics, he is a lightweight. I listed to the same thing this morning.
    He’s sick of the “right wing” agenda. I wanted to say “right” on what? The school bill, Medicare, illegal immigrants? He stated that he heard that “in the next year or so” the economy was going to collapse like never before and “things” were going to get “really really bad.” What the hell is he reading? Paul Krugman? I work on Wall Street I have heard nothing about some doom and gloom forecast for the end of the American economy and the banks are the first to feel it.
    This is not the first time I heard him say things that were wrong when it comes to economics or political issues. He has nothing but a peripheral knowledge (and interest) when he starts to talk about politics, economics, government and the military. He didn’t realize he would have to disclose his finances when he tried to run for governor for God’s sake. It is not his strong point. Jeff, he’s funny, he’s sharp witted, but don’t make him out to be some kind of barometer on what is happening, what should be done, or how. He clearly has no idea or he would be better read on the subjects.
    Stern should stick to “Lord of the Anal Ring” toss and celeb interviews.

  • Steve

    “Howard is fed up witih the atmosphere of censorship”
    Is this ironic or simply absurd?

  • hi

    I used to be a Republician. I am fed up with their economic policies, immigration policies, etc. Bush should have cut taxes for ordinary people and not the super wealthy. The just take their dividend money and send it overseas. We have a generation in charge that only cares about themselves, Presidents (Clinton, Bush) included. GoodBye America! I feel sad for my children.

  • Sandy P.

    –We have a generation in charge that only cares about themselves, Presidents (Clinton, Bush) included.–
    60s boomers on stage for about 40 years now.

  • shark

    I agree, Stern is the “protovoter”….he’s an idiot like most of the people who cast their ballots.
    He’s great to listen to for a morning laugh, but his grasp of politics and world situations is simply laughable. He was getting interested in Edwards because of some article he read in “Rolling Stone”

  • trump

    GoodBye America! I feel sad for my children.

    Take your children with you when you leave…

  • “Howard is fed up witih the atmosphere of censorship”
    Is this ironic or simply absurd?
    I had the same thought. After all, without censorship Howard would have no shtick.

  • Mary

    I too am a huge Howard fan, but I wish you would stop referencing his views/opinions on politics and world affairs; they’re not very insightful. In terms of significance, the background for Howard’s opinions is sort of like Wes Clark’s grasp of issues – extremely weak.

  • Bill Peschel

    Hi, since Bush has been in office, I’ve received $1,800 on a salary of about $39,000. Or am I one of the “super wealthy” sending my dividends overseas?

  • Someone on here callling Howard Stern a political lightweight? I won’t have it!… But seriously, does anybody understannd unemployment statistics? I sure don’t. And with so many people self-employed these days–who knows?

  • Sure Howard Stern is upset. He’s contemplating a future trying to compete with NFL halftime bukkake and Live Nude Girls doing the evening news. I can’t wait for the first account of someone calling him an old-fashioned prude.

  • Andrea:
    I absolutely love that you said “bukkake” in a post, somehow cutting through the chill wind of Republican censorship like the great Stern himself. It’s like you’re a modern day Nathan Hale, but with bukkake.

  • They’ll never find me. I have my apartment wrapped in tinfoil! Fight the power, man.

  • Donald

    The unemployment rate for people with a college degree is 2.9% according to the BLS. The rate with some college or post secondary ed is 4.5% The Shocker doesn’t have a clue as usual.