The shame, the horror, the breast

The shame, the horror, the breast
: Greg Beato puts together a

fine roundup of conservative pundit horror over the Super Bowl:

Until this week, I always thought the Super Bowl was about gambling, drinking, and assaulting strangers instead of your wife.

The nation’s conservative pundits have set me straight, though: the game is actually a seminal family event. Strengthening the bonds between parent and child with all its expertly choreographed spectacle, it’s like a less gay, totally not-European version of The Nutcracker….

  • Sandy P.

    I thought there were football players who take ballet training?

  • Mike G

    I missed the whole megillah, game and mid-game showbiz inanities, but I just want to say how much I feel for the NFL. Who would have ever guessed that something like this would have happened when they made the innocent corporate decision to turn the entire halftime show over to a bunch of skanks?

  • JohnO

    If it was just a breast, just a tit in a wringer and nothing to get excited about, then why do you have multiple daily posts about this subject? Stop picking at the scab and it will eventually heal. And yes, I do think a naked breast is something to get excited over. Maybe it’s just me, but I hope the day never comes when I say, “Meh, it’s just a naked breast.”

  • There has to be censorship, because at this rate, the growing need to be the most outrageous will end up in a fatality.
    That snowboarder chick was REALLY lucky. BTW, if you look at the FHM cover she did, WOW, what a bodacious booty. Some cherry butt–too bad she has that tatt that looks like a massive echymosis.

  • GCW

    Odd that he linked a site debunking the suburban myth of domestic violence on that day. Doesn’t seem to fit the tone of the rest of his article.
    He seems to find it pretty hard to believe that some parents actually watch the Super Bowl with their kids (!), and some of them would rather not see (or at least be warned) before seeing segzy dancing and nekkid ladies at halftime (!!).
    The thing is: everyone has standards, especially with respect to what kids see. Would you be upset if the centerpiece of the halftime show involved some hot live sex act involving men, women, children, Fido, and golden showers (while your kids and grandma looked on)? Or, from the other side: would you object if the whole halftime show was a Christian prayer revival oriented around stopping abortion, complete with graphic images of the procedure?

  • Doctor Slack

    A very funny article. Yes, the Superbowl half-time show signals the end of Judeo-Christian civilization (!) — that was my personal favourite. And I, too, was unaware that the lives, hope, and morale of American troops all over the globe would be crushed beyond recovery by the spectacle of people dancing. Let alone by some nekkidness!
    The over-the-top reaction is ironically a lot more newsworthy, and disturbing, than the event itself.

  • JorgXMcKie

    Well, oddly enough, my wife and I watch for the commercials (too lazy to record the whole thing), and in this case a doggone football game broke out. I was enjoying that. On the other hand, I’m not too concerned about a booby or two, but, given that the game was not advertised as “R” rated (although quite possibly the horse-fart commercial should have made it so) the nekkid booby was probably inappropriate for the combination of event, advertising, audience, implied rating. At any rate, since all these half-time shows (Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, whatthehellever) are pretty unwatchable for most of us, what does the actual event prove? I didn’t see it because I wasn’t paying any attention whatsoever to either the stupid song, the idiots performing the stupid song, or the choreography of the stupid song.

  • Greg

    That would have been funnier if he wouldn’t have been so self centered. Just because some like to gamble/drink, doesn’t mean everyone has to.
    On the other hand, everyone had to see her boob. Weak sarcasm only goes so far.

  • John

    Location, location, location, Jeff. If I’m riding PATH or the IRT in New York and I have to deal with some panhandler or battery salesman traveling between the cars, fine, I know what I’m getting into. But if I’m on an Acala train heading to Washington and some guy comes walking up the aisle trolling for dollars, I’m going to be a little pissed at Amtrak for allowing such a thing to happen.
    If Viacom wants to show bare boobs, crotch grabbing or semi-obscene lyrics, they’ve got at least three sites they own on cable they can do it — MTV and its spinoffs, BET and Spike TV. If they can’t tell the difference between what people expect from content on those channels and CBS, Sumner Redstone needs to give up his job and go open up a T-shirt kisok or something like that around Times Square.