Terror on a Moscow train

Terror on a Moscow train
: Let no one doubt that terrorism is a world war.

The latest: A blast from a suspected suicide bomber on a Moscow train kills at least 39.

RussPundit, a Russian blogger (from a frequent commenter here), is on top of the story.

: A Pravda slide show of photos from the train.

  • anne.elk

    Kind of curious the lack of comments on this important entry. Seems few people are as enthusiastic as you about letting Putin back into Chechnya. Go figure.

  • That’s because it didn’t happen in Los Angeles or New York.

  • While Drudge is already treating this as old news (no link), Debka says a security camera reportedly caught footage of a female suicide bomber who blew up the train.

  • Naz

    Savages attacking everywhere, be in New York, Moscow or Tel-aviv.
    When will CNN and the likes stop calling Chechen terorists ‘rebels’. Chechen war for independence became hijacked by jihadis long time ago. Time to accept that reality. It’s no war, it’s total terrorism, the scourge of our times.

  • akg

    I understand that some russians believe that the perpetrators might not be the chechens (as Putin says) but rather the FSB (former KGB) just as in the case of the 1999 apartment bombing. Maskhadov (chechen leader) has completely denounced the bombings. I remember hearing a russian academic talking about the FSB involvement in the 99 bombing on C-SPAN, and that claim has been repeated by Boris Berezovsky and some ex KGB officers also. So it might not be as black and white as it seems.

  • Catherine

    Oh, Anne and Soup! Some people are very interested, but are really busy on Fridays to post or didn’t see this post. What have you added to this story? Have you started an interestting debate string? No. Nothing. Zip. Just your fantasy on what you think people feel about it due to the lack of posts. Shallow.

  • Max

    Is there any new news? I have been looking and found zilch. Chechens, KGBers, Mobsters, ? to say the least it is wide open- although I assume it is the Chechens.
    Maybe to get the waters boiling a bit I will say that although obviously reprehensible, there does seem to be a subtle difference (yes I am falling all over myself) as Chechens are supposedly fighting for their independence, or at least were (Naz?). I have friends who have lived in Moscow and covered the Chechen debacle and it is not pretty.