Pundit full-employment bill

Pundit full-employment bill
: Looks like it’s not a Kerry sweep tonight. Lieberman and Clark are in the toaster. Three-way race among Kerry, Edwards, Dean makes for pundit fun.

  • If your toaster only has two slots, though it’s very early, I’d say it’s a toss up whether you should put Clark or Dean in there with Lieberman. As of this moment, Dean hasn’t risen above 10% in any of the states in which we now see partial results, nor is he beating Clark in any state.
    But, gosh, Jeff, isn’t it a bit early in the evening to be calling the results? Arizona and New Mexico are still big blank slates.

  • Jeremy

    Yeah, but Dean actually leads in the number of delegates. Even beating Kerry (this won’t be true after tonight, but as of today, it was something like 98 to 80)

  • Edwards is gearing up for Virginia and Tennessee now, though Clark has been the only one to advertise in Va. so far. Edwards is making ad buys in the state and seems to be staying in the south, rather than contesting anything this weekend. CNN though, talked to 7 undecided black voters in Richmond, and within a few hours time, 4 had gone to Kerry, 1 each leaning toward Clark and Edwards, with another undecided still.