Janet Jackson is a mensch

Janet Jackson is a mensch
: Give Janet Jackson credit. She stood up and took the responsibility for her boob. Andrew Gilligan should have been half as honest to admit that he is a boob. Heck, George Bush would have been better off to admit his boo-boo. She’s more of a man than either of them.

  • Andy Freeman

    Does anyone really believe JJ’s “it was my idea and we didn’t tell anyone” story?
    She may be taking the fall, but I’d be very surprised if CBS and MTV didn’t know. Heck – I’d bet even money that it wasn’t even her idea.

  • rick

    The “confession” works out just perfectly. A little more priceless free publicity coinciding with the release of her latest album. It’s beautiful; I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if JJ’s publicist charted this whole thing, from the boob to the uproar to the confession to – what’s next?
    The important thing is to not let the momentum die, so look for more juicy bits to come popping out in the near future.