Time on his hands

Time on his hands
: Joe Trippi has agreed to keynote the ETech Emerging Democracy confab next week. Good catch.

  • C Bassett

    Drudge noting that he’ll be an analyst on MSNBC starting tonight as well.

  • Robert Swaim

    Trippi, what a paragon of truth. Would you actually believe anything the guy says, he predicted Dean would win Iowa and New Hampshire in a landslide.

  • Those predictions don’t make Trippi less a “paragon of truth.” Boldly making hugely wrong predictions doesn’t mean you’re a liar. In fact, it makes him uniquely qualified for punditry.

  • Hmm. I’m thinking, snarkily, that maybe there’s an aspect here of:
    “Ex-poachers make the best gamekeepers”.

  • Robert Swaim

    Mike M
    No one mentioned Trippi being a liar (except you), just that he didn’t seem to know have to properly interpret reality. So I guess you are right, that does make him a perfect MSNBC pundit.

  • button

    Trippi was on Imus this morning (I think), but I wasn’t awake and alert enough to follow the conversation. I don’t know why he was fired from the Dean Campaign or why he is becoming a star like on MSNBC where, I believe, Imus also has some connection. I couldn’t tell you what went down. Sorry.