A new political blog

A new political blog
: David Weinberger has started a new Corante blog: Loose Democracy. I’m way looking forward to reading this because Weinberger is one of the smartest and most candid yet humble people in this new world. In his first post, he rebuts Clay Shirky:

We do have a couple of indisputable facts: Dean came in a poor third in Iowa and a disappointing second in New Hampshire. But this by itself leads to no conclusions about whether social software hurt the campaign. For all we know, Dean would still be in single digits as an ex-governor of the Maple Sugar state if the online connection hadn’t happened. And we certainly don’t know that, if social software failed, it was because it lulled participants into a sense of “inevitability.” That’s just Clay’s speculation.

My earlier comment on this here. See especially Jack Balkin‘s analysis there.

  • BigFire

    According to Command Post, Dean’s much tauted mega-warchest is now down to the last $5 million.
    He’s already burn through $35 million on a very poor 3rd in Iowa, and now a distant second in New Hampshire.

  • angell

    Dean has fired his campaign manager–guess he blames the poor guy, and replaced him with some former aide of Gore’s.

  • angell you did catch this important new item but not in its full glory:
    One source said the former Vermont governor offered Trippi a spot on the payroll as a senior adviser — similar to the position Neel has held since Jan. 1 — but he decided to quit rather than accept the demotion.
    One day after absorbing a double-digit defeat in New Hampshire at the hands of rival John Kerry, Dean publicly and privately expressed his determination to remain in the race. At the same time, in a conference call with members of Congress who have endorsed him, he was told bluntly that finishing second wasn’t good enough — that he had to show he could win a primary.
    “He said he understood,” said one lawmaker who was involved in the call.
    Dean’s campaign chairman Steve Grossman also said Wednesday that the candidate must win a presidential primary in the next two weeks to keep even his most loyal donor base — those giving modest amounts over the Web — contributing enough to make him financially competitive.

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