Blinded by the light

Blinded by the light
: Greg Dyke, BBC director-general, issues a defensive statement.

And Andrew Gilligan, the mope who started all this, does worse and the British journalists’ union does even worse. They should be chasing him out as the shame of the business but instead:

However, the National Union of Journalists, which represented Gilligan, today hit out at the report’s conclusions.

“Whatever Lord Hutton may think, it is clear from the evidence he heard that the dossier was ‘sexed up’, that many in the intelligence services were unhappy about it, and that Andrew Gilligan’s story was substantially correct,” said Jeremy Dear, the president of the NUJ, which is representing Gilligan.

  • Sandy P.

    –Andrew Gilligan’s story was substantially correct,–
    We can be “substantially correct” but no one else can!
    Would this be considered an arrogant or elitist comment especially from a monopoly which is supposed to “report the truth?”

  • InstaPundit is reporting that some little-journalist birdies are whipsering in his ear “BBC CHAIRMAN GAVYN DAVIES TO RESIGN”. It’s not on the wires yet…

  • Jeffersonian

    Gilligan is an utter disgrace to his profession and his nation. Translation: There’s a chair with his name on it at The Independent.

  • Jeff B.

    Jeff, I think it would be a good idea to contrast the BBC’s sad, defensive, even churlish behavior with that of another (avowedly) British liberal media giant: The Guardian. Say what you will about their looney-left commentators, but their coverage of this issue (as you noted earlier) and their corrections of their OWN errors:,3604,972482,00.html
    This was their response when they published the Paul Wolfowitz “Iraq was floating on a sea of oil” mistaken claim that he had let it slip the war was about oil. Compare the thoroughness, and willingness to both acknowledge the error and make the effort to correct others who had copied it. For all the Guardian’s self-proclaimed partisan slant, they’re much more serious about journalistic integrity and honesty AND TRANSPARENCY than the BBC is.

  • Theodopoulos Pherecydes

    It’s a damned shame is what it is.
    I remember my first serious encounter with the BBC when it had “Light” and “3rd” programmes. The first thing I heard on the 3rd programme was an archaeologist’s report from a dig. Man, that was a cut above “Tim Tyler” which, with music atop various hotels, was about it in the U.S. from whence I had arrived.
    It’s a shame what leftist, self-obsessed arrogance can do to beautiful things.

  • Whelp, it’s official: BBC chairman quits over Hutton

  • JohninLondon

    Jeff B
    I agree – it is a measure of the degradation of the BBC that the Guardian has been a better source of info about Kelly, Gilligan, Hutton et al.

  • John

    You get the feeling the if the National Union of Journalists operated on this side of the Atlantic, they’d still be defending the accuracy of everything Jayson Blair wrote in the face of all the available evidence.

  • That is what unions do; protect their weakest members to the detriment of their strongest ones. The only union that gets it right, in my opinion, is the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA). Their mission is to get the highest pay for their strongest members, because, it turns out, this leads to more money for their weakest members. If someone can’t hang onto a job anymore, no big deal. As long as the best keep getting big contracts, they are happy.
    This union should be doing the same thing. Marginalize reporters like Gilligan, and promote the ones who report honestly and write well. Then they would raise everyone’s standards.

  • Ron

    One of the amazing aspects of this whole affair is how resolutely the Tories have stood on the wrong side. Now they find themselves supporting the BBC news mandarins (!) and the NUJ (!!) against Lord Hutton (!!!).
    And they wonder why they can’t win. Mrs. Thatcher would have handled things differently, I have no doubt.

  • If anyone wants to understand how the BBC are handling this issue, I would suggest that they watch the most recent programme of Newsnight on-line.

  • JorgXMcKie

    Evidently the BBC has a new slogan: “It’s not exactly the truth, but it’s close enough for you lot.”

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