Blogging the blog king

Blogging the blog king
: I’m at Columbia now, awaiting a Nick Denton talk with Oliver Ryan. Nick’s not happy that I parked myself by the electric socket. “You’re not going to blog this, are you?” Live by the snark, die by the snark…

Nick tells the journalism students that he doesn’t look for journalists to write his blogs. He likes to get people when they haven’t been destroyed by working in a big paper….

Student asks how Nick squares his view that daily American papers are boring with his admission that blogs are parasitic on big media, linking to the content they create. Nick says, “Why do I have to square it.” That is what a Nick conversation is like.

Student tries to get Nick up on a soap box. Nick replies, “We feel no public-service responsibility.”

Student: “If it’s so boring why are so many bloggers media addicts?” Nick: “They’re hypocritical.”

Nick punctures pomposity with aplomb….