Burchill’s parting shot

Burchill’s parting shot
: Julie Burchill is leaving the Guardian for the Times — but first, she had to take one shot at the Guardian and its causists. She takes on their anti-Israelism, aka anti-Semitism:

But if there is one issue that has made me feel less loyal to my newspaper over the past year, it has been what I, as a non-Jew, perceive to be a quite striking bias against the state of Israel. Which, for all its faults, is the only country in that barren region that you or I, or any feminist, atheist, homosexual or trade unionist, could bear to live under.

I find this hard to accept because, crucially, I don’t swallow the modern liberal line that anti-Zionism is entirely different from anti-semitism; the first good, the other bad….

If you take into account the theory that Jews are responsible for everything nasty in the history of the world, and also the recent EU survey that found 60% of Europeans believe Israel is the biggest threat to peace in the world today (hmm, I must have missed all those rabbis telling their flocks to go out with bombs strapped to their bodies and blow up the nearest mosque), it’s a short jump to reckoning that it was obviously a bloody good thing that the Nazis got rid of six million of the buggers….

She promises more next week. Can’t wait.

  • Jeremy

    Of course, once she goes to the Times, non UKers can’t read her columns anymore (without paying a fairly hefty fee, anyway).

  • This is also why The Guardian is the third largest online paper (after NYT and WSJ), and that 50% of its traffic is American.
    The Economist became a global brand 30 years ago. I see the same happening to The Guardian now, thanks to the internet, thanks to them holding off charging for it. I don’t see it happening to The Times… or that many people are going to be willing to pay for a Times subscription.
    Never underestimate the power of free content.

  • capt joe

    Oh, what a way with words she has. I will gladly pay for a subscription whenever she writes in the times.
    Bravo for lifting the rock and exposing the nasty little anti-semitic world of Britain upper crust latte-rati.