Cause and defect

Cause and defect
: A dose of CNN logic tonight: The anchor, Carol Lin, notes that after Bush left, someone was shot in Iraq and so she asks whether the visit was a provocation.

Right. If he hadn’t gone there, nobody would have been shot. The war would have been over. The natives and the foreigners would have sat down over turkey and corn and built a great nation. Jeesh.

: It gets worse. Now that same anchor is talking to the bureau chief from Al-Jazeera and she’s saying that because Bush didn’t go out “on the streets” to greet Iraqis it’s “being seen as downright rude.”

And Jon Hendren of the LA Times says Iraqis “just don’t understand” why Bush didn’t come out on the street. Which is his way of saying Iraqis are stupid, I suppose.

Read a few Iraqi blogs and you’ll find real Iraqis — not composites in correspondents’ imaginations — say something quite different.

: Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton, too, visited Iraq. But the Times manages to pooh-pooh both her visit and President’s Bush’s in one graph.

But while Dr. Khuzai found the visits useful, many Iraqis

  • Cripes, I hope so, Jeff. I don’t know — they were just as dumb about it this morning: quoting Christiane Amanpour to the limits of memory, “Despite Bush’s visit yesterday, violence continued in Bagdad ….”
    They must have some impression of the Power of the Presidency if they think Bush serving dinner to the 1st Armored was going to intimidate the Saddam Feydayeen into standing down.

  • CharlesWT

    Amanpour, with a CBS Crew from 60 Minutes II, visited the troops in Ramadi last Wednesday. Should be interesting to how it is reported.

  • capt joe

    Well, they sent up the meme with John King the night before. He posed the point that “maybe” the visit would provoke the terrorists (but he did not call them that).
    As you pointed out, how could anyone pass that test.
    CNN is a bunch of craven bastards.

  • Someone actually in Baghdad commented that when HIllary sat down to eat at the CPA cafeteria, a few people actually got up and walked out. There was nobody crowding around her table, either.