Against terror

Against terror
: The Telegraph covers the Bagdad demonstration against terror from London as does The Age from Australia. So does Iraqi blogger Omar from Baghdad; he marched. Even Iran Broadcasting does. Any American coverage? None that I can find yet. We’ll see.

  • button

    Before I logged off at 11 pm, I made a quick trip over to BBC. They had an article up and the photo was from AFP, the same source I used, but I had it posted before they did.
    I suspect the only reason they bothered to eventually post it, was that they’re starting to hear some footsteps from bloggers and bbc-bias-watches, etc. Maybe we’re helping to ‘keep them honest.’

  • Washington Times has it today. I haven’t seen anything on the “newspaper of record” yet.

  • Osborne

    Maybe. But the BBC had a huge power outage yesterday in the London HQ… ten minutes’ dead air on Today around 8 am, for example. They were shifting staff all over the place into temporary offices; maybe there was a knock-on from that.

  • Steve Teeter

    The New Orleans Times-Picayune did not mention it in text stories, but those are mostly just licensed from the NY Times anyway. But they did run an AP photo of the demonstration, with translations of the banners, like, “Cooperating with the criminal Saddam is a crime against humanity.”
    I just wrote Omar to tell him. Hope he’s pleased.