: I found Zell Miller’s endorsement of George Bush to be about as appealing as a finger down the throat:

I am moved by the reverence and tenderness he shows the first lady and the unabashed love he has for his parents and his daughters.

I admire this man of faith who has lived that line in that old hymn, “Amazing Grace,” “Was blind, but now I see.” I like the fact that he’s the same on Saturday night as he is on Sunday morning. And I like a man who shows respect for others by starting meetings on time.

Oh, ferchrissake. Let’s make him Pope, too. Or at least bishop of New Hampshire.

Unlike Miller, Roger L. Simon, and other once-Democrats, I’m not ready to vote for George Bush.

I’m not a Democrat-Republican.

Or a Republican-Democrat.

I may be a liberal hawk or a hawkish liberal.

But I’d prefer to think of myself merely as open-minded.

I find lately that I can sit with conservatives and not feel as if I’m about to be turned into the FBI; that’s relatively new for me (it helps when I’m wearing the flag on my lapel). I also find that I can sit with reasonable liberals and find ground for agreement (Saddam was a bad guy, very, very bad). I can disagree with the Bush-backers over the Supreme Court and the tax cut and lots more. I can disagree with the Bush-wackers over support for human rights in Iraq and such. Wishy-washy? Ha. Fence-sitter? Hardly. The war on terrorism and weblogs, among other things, have merely made me selective.

And I’m still quite selective about my presidential candidates. I’m still selecting. Just because I’m willing to support the president in this war on terrorism, that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to turn into a damned jelly-filled donut like Zell Miller. You have to admit: His valentine to Bush would make a Hallmark writer gag.