Those were the days

Those were the days
: Yup, those Iraqis were sure unhappy to see us coming. From tomorrow’s NY Times:

“If I catch Saddam I won’t kill him. That won’t be enough. I’ll suck his blood. And if he escapes I’ll follow him to the ends of the earth.”

Rage of such intensity courses through Iraq, where the dead, the maimed and the missing consume the thoughts of the living.

Six months after President Bush declared that major combat was over, countless problems crowd in on Iraqis, not least unemployment and the absence of security. But nothing seems to preoccupy them quite as much as the urge to settle accounts with the old government.

Suspected mass graves continue to come to light, replenishing the stores of grief and anger. Aided by forensic specialists and satellite imagery, American legal experts in Baghdad say they have found 262 sites that may contain multiple human remains.