Gawker stalked


Gawker stalked
: For reasons that will become clear next week, I ended up hanging out with a half-dozen bloggers yesterday. You’ll note that no one blogged it; too intimidating. But I couldn’t resist pulling out the camera phone and stalking Gawker, turnabout being fair play. So here’s Nick Denton, hiding from the press. And there’s Choire Sicha reading Details — yes, Details.

: Note also that Denton is finally getting ready to take the wraps off of his high-class porn blog, Fleshbot.

  • It’s “Gawker” not “Galker”
    [ SLAP! Thanks, I needed that. I spelled it right in the links and not in type. Not awake yet….. ]

  • No problem.

  • BigFire

    I’m surprised that they’re aren’t doing a story on Conrad over at Gweilo Diaries. Probably too many near naked pictures of Kaila.

  • OH gag. I’m gonna get you for this Jarvis.