Fair & awarded

Fair & awarded
: FoxNews founder Roger Ailes is named TV Journalist of the Year by Broadcasting & Cable. And they interview him. Choice quotes (and getaloada the Howell Raines story):

Q: What do you think Fox News’ contributions and innovations have been?

A: We’ve proved that we get larger audiences to cable news than anybody in American history, for one thing. We cover a broader spectrum than most people. We say it’s fair and balanced….

And we present broad views. We don’t eliminate it. Bias has to do with the elimination of points of view, not presenting a point of view….

Q: Is the public not smart?

A: They may not be as informed. They’re very smart, and they catch on quickly, and they can process different sources….

Q: So if Fox News is fair and balanced, then why do so many other people not believe it?

A: Because they’re getting their ass beaten.

Q: It’s not just CNN. It’s not just competition.

A: Look, we’re doing something that is forcing them