Fair & awarded

Fair & awarded
: FoxNews founder Roger Ailes is named TV Journalist of the Year by Broadcasting & Cable. And they interview him. Choice quotes (and getaloada the Howell Raines story):

Q: What do you think Fox News’ contributions and innovations have been?

A: We’ve proved that we get larger audiences to cable news than anybody in American history, for one thing. We cover a broader spectrum than most people. We say it’s fair and balanced….

And we present broad views. We don’t eliminate it. Bias has to do with the elimination of points of view, not presenting a point of view….

Q: Is the public not smart?

A: They may not be as informed. They’re very smart, and they catch on quickly, and they can process different sources….

Q: So if Fox News is fair and balanced, then why do so many other people not believe it?

A: Because they’re getting their ass beaten.

Q: It’s not just CNN. It’s not just competition.

A: Look, we’re doing something that is forcing them

  • O’McSomething

    Hey Jeff — Do you have any idea wazzup w/ this? Seems Riverbend has an admirer named Riversbend, and is trying to cause confusion. Your blog-child Zeyad’s most recent post is the same as the fake Baghdad Burning. Have any idea who is behind this revolting developement? It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your blog-child is? Zeyad phone home.

  • funny coincidence – I also have an off-topic post about Iraqi bloggers – a fisking of Riverbend.

  • O’McSomething

    Ahhh! Methinks Sweet Sasha is just trying to impress her girlfriend (like Dudley Do-Right’s Sweet Nell in love with the horse![get thee to a tannery booth girl!]{How many hours do you think she stood in line for this photo op?}). So Sasha, safe in England or Oz or some such place, trying to take on ungrateful Riverbend in lil’ol Baghdad. Just what the blogoshere needs. Righteous Gurl Rocks! I could puke. And here I was thinking Zeyad was behind the bait and switch!

  • O’

    scroll up on the link a wee bit.

  • Laertes

    Bias has to do with the elimination of points of view, not presenting a point of view
    Translation: We can slant the news as much as we like. As long as we keep some token ineffectual liberal like Alan Colmes on the payroll, we ain’t biased.

  • Greg

    Fox is conservatively slanted, they admit this. Yet in the segments they do bring in liberal-leaning guests as well as conservative ones. I’m sure there is more conservatives on, but at least they make an effort, in contrast to other stations. I love it when a segment is commentated by 3 feminists that have an axe to grind.

  • O’Mc, put down the bong for a sec, and look closely at the author of the Riverbend-fisking post. Not me. A major in the US Army stationed in Baghdad. Take care before you go off insulting folks, ok?

  • And by the way, haven’t you heard that tanning booths cause cancer, just like the real sun? I’m pale and proud!
    Incidentally, if I were of the mind to have a girlfriend, I could do a lot worse than Ann. I think I’d have to be the “femme” in that relationship though.

  • Laertes-
    At the worst, your description qualifies FoxNews as a mirror image of CNN, ABC, CBS, et al. They use the same formula, except the token is the conservative and the rest of the panel is liberal.