Dig a whole deep enough and you’ll find a blog on the other side

Dig a whole deep enough and you’ll find a blog on the other side
: Glenn Reynolds links to some pissiness about a CNN International feature about a Hong Kong blogger. Nevermind the complaints.

Big White Guy is a very good blog by an expat in Hong Kong. He gave us lively coverage during the Sars epidemic. He was ahead of all major media on the story of the Hong Kong story using swastikas in marketing. He blogs well.

No need to be jealous of somebody else getting airtime. What’s good for one is good for all here in this new world.

(You can watch the feature on his site.)

  • My pissiness was not over another blogger gettng press. It was over CNN’s apparent inability to recognize what was unique about him. It’s not that he’s selling mugs and Tshirts and it’s not that “he’s not in it for the money”. Most other media outlets seem to understand a blog by now.

  • Justene:
    There were a lot of weaknesses in the story indeed, but what you chose to highlight was the fact that they made it seem as if his traffic made him unique when Calpundit has more traffic. You can see at least how this gives the appearance that you are complaining that he is getting media coverage above other blogs. Also, it misses the story. Calpundit is blogging in California, which has an enormous population. The numbers of the “Big White Guy” blog are probably very impressive for a Hong Kong based blog. Also, there is built-in uniqueness in the concept of the blog. There are about a zillion political punditry blogs, and a disproportionate number based in California, even factoring in California’s population. How many blogs by expats in Hong Kong are there?
    Any blog getting attention from Big Media is ultimately good for all blogs. Complaining about it just seems like petty jealousy. It reminds me of when all these bloggers were complaining about Andrew Sullivan’s pledge drives, as if his proving that a blog could make money was somehow a bad thing for blogging.
    I did have problems with some other things in the article, particularly the implication that having merchandise and “scouring the street for pictures” was unusual for a blogger. However, again, it is probably unusual for Hong Kong.

  • I read BWG regularly and he’s a good blog and I’m glad for him. The comments did sound petty.

  • I thought the post was a bit snarky, not pissy. Then again, it could be a matter of semantics. You know what they say: “One man’s snark is another’s piss.” Or something like that.

  • Okay, we’ve got snarky, pissy, petty – can we get a consensus here?
    Meanwhile BWG fisked a very ungracious email he got.