Subscribe to The Week — an ad

Subscribe to The Week — an ad
: Note that I’m shilling for The Week magazine with an ad on the right and a text ad every day.

I’m doing this for three reasons:

First, I like The Week. It’s a weblog without the links. It’s smart, informative, opinionated. I said that long before I met anyone from the magazine. (In fact, I blogged my tribute to the magazine back in June, 2002). But then I met the folks at the Week and I ended up liking them as much as I like their magazine.

Second, I’ve been suggesting to the people at The Week that they sell subscriptions on weblogs because it’s their perfect audience and — here’s the point — because webloggers can make money that way.

So this is a test: Can a weblog sell subscriptions to a magazine?

If it can, weblogs can sell other things.

And if it can do that, maybe a weblogger can actually make money.

It makes sense: This is a smart, engaged audience, highly targeted, a great environment for advertising.

So stack the deck. Fix the test. Buy a subscription.

It’s risk-free: Try four issues free; if you don’t like it, cancel. If you do, thank me.

[And, yes, I get a cut of the revenue. If this works, this offer will be open to other webloggers to also get their cut. So subscribe!] [/ad]

: Oops. I apologize for sticking that obnoxious text ad inbetween every post. I intended to put the obnoxious text ad only inbetween every day. So I’m a bad page coder. Don’t hold that against me. Don’t let that stop you from subscribing to The Week. (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I’m getting carried away with capitalism and the need to succeed.) If you subscribe, I promise I won’t use popups.