Back to business

Back to business
: One irony of a Schwarzenegger victory would be that personal peccadilloes may matter less. Arnold has essentially acknowledged all his, shall we say, human weaknesses; he mentioned womanizing on Tonight. Roger Simon says Hollywood heavyweights will start coming out with an army of skeletons from Arnold’s closet. Says Page Six:

Cybill Shepherd is freaked out by the prospect of the Austrian-born action hero in the executive mansion.

“That would be the worst tragedy in the history of California,” Shepherd hyperventilated to “Access Hollywood.”

“I think that we are the laughing stock of the world, with Arnold Schwarzenegger running [for] governor,” Shepherd said. “I think he’s a real hypocrite. I think he has a past that is going to come out, and I’m not going to mention what it is, but it’s not going to be pretty.”

I predict that things will come out — and they will make not one bit of difference; the voters won’t care and probably will expect such behavior from Arnold (and those throwing stones at him out of their own Bel Air glass houses). If the dirt flies and if Arnold wins, we’ll then have a womanizing, steroid-slurping, inhaling governor and that will make it harder to act shocked and offended the next time a mere politician or president is caught doing something human. And I think that’s a good thing, a damned good thing. We would get back to judging politicians on the basis of job performance, not morality (as if anyone ever thought politicians were moral anyway).