The damage a headline can do

The damage a headline can do
: Reuters ran a story about Iranian weblogs under the headline, “Iran Internet Use at Risk from Conservatives.”

CNN picked up the story but added its own sensationalistic headline: “Prostitute diary tops Iran Web hit.”

Lady Sun warns:

Such provocative headlines

are the best excuse for tougher regulations on the Internet freedom of

speech, which is currently being discussed in the Iranian parliament and

judiciary. Ironically this comes at a time when personal websites, and

weblogs have become the most valid news source from the Iranian nations

continuing struggle towards democracy.

She sends us to a petition to protest.

  • mog

    Whether or not the article’s headline is true, it is unfortunate as it certainly doesn’t help the Iranian bloggers cause. It does speak volumes about CNN that they would prefer to sensationalize the sex aspect thus encouraging Iran to toughen it’s stance on the internet and silence it’s critics.