Lady of Steel

Lady of Steel
: The Jerusalem Post is, of course, offended at a Palestinian paper’s profile of Condi Rice, focusing on her race.

I, however, see grudging respect and fear and that’s a good thing:

In an article entitled “Beware of the Lady of Steel,” prominent Palestinian columnist Hasan al-Batal describes Rice as a “black widow” and a “single black lady.” Earlier this year, Al-Ayyam launched a similar attack on Rice, dubbing her a “black raven.” Then, she was targeted for accusing the PA of supporting terrorism….

“She [Rice] is as pretty as supermodel Naomi Campbell and much more intelligent than the iron woman Margaret Thatcher,” said Batal, whose columns appear on a regular basis in Al-Ayyam….

The article concludes by warning Palestinians to be wary of the “single black woman,” adding: “We don’t want to say the black widow out of respect for her femininity, her brightness, and her determination, which makes her the lady of steel.”

Yup. Don’t F with Condi.