Don’t trust anybody over 10

Don’t trust anybody over 10
: Meg, Anil, Jason, Steven, Oliver, Matthew… you’re all old farts, you’re over the hill, you’re has-beens. There’s a new generation blogging and he’s 9 years old. [via Weblog Central]

  • Impressive on 2 counts: he writes about what he knows, and he is careful with his writing!

  • Impressive, yes, but he needs to ditch basketball for football. I am getting old, I can remember when the Titans were the Oilers…

  • Isn’t it great? His mom emailed me about this last month and I linked him up. My thought was, what a great way for him to get good at something he loves. If he wants to be a sports writer one day, or even not, he’ll have a leg up in the writing department. His mom said:
    “I agree with you about the value of blogging for kids. I’m trying to get my daughter who’s 12 to start writing one too.
    Alex prefers that I type what he dictates but often he writes his own blog and then we go edit it together. He still needs help sometimes with spelling and knowing when to end a sentence. I think it’s a wonderful way to improve writing skills and kids today surely need that.
    Cheers, Octavine”

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