He slays me

He slays me
: This from Bob Harris on Tom Tomorrow:

Our Attorney General wants to make terrorist attacks against military bases or nuclear plants a capital offense.

Obviously. Nothing deters a suicide bomber quite like the death penalty.

  • Wouldn’t this punishment usually relate to the people who helped the suicide bomber plan the attack? It seems like today’s bombers usually have friends who helped plan the whole thing.
    Besides, not every “terrorists attack” is a suicide attack. Right?
    Or am I just awy off? I haven’t read all that there is here..

  • Mark L

    I’d make any terrorist attack or attempt a capital offense. Push Klinghoffer of the boat and get a needle in your arm. Try and light a bomb in your shoe on a loaded airplane and get a needle in your arm. Act as paymaster to 19 crazies that fly jets into building and get a needle in your arm.
    Not every terrorist dies in the attempt. If we catch them, put a needle in their arm. For every terrorist that straps a bomb on his butt and turns himself into steak tatare there are 15 or 20 providing logistical support. When we catch them strap them to guerneys and stick a needle in their arms.
    Prison sentences do not deter terrorism. A live, imprisoned terrorist begets more terror attempts to free that yahoo. Dead they are history. And they never *ever* get a chance to do it again.
    Ashcroft has the right idea — he just has not expanded it to its reasonable limit.

  • Ed

    I think you are both correct, based on Ashcroft’s testimony this week.
    In the Khobar Towers bombing, there were suicide bombers. But there were also operatives who helped build the bombs, supplied money to the operation, etc. Ashcroft wants the ability to seek the death penalty for the helpers, too.