The ratings are in

The ratings are in
: Well, this could be the reason why we’re not seeing more wood about the Saudi Arabian terrorist attacks. (Don’t start leaving me nasty email. That’s newspaper jargon for really big headlines that, once upon a time, were set in wood. It’s not a Howard Stern expression. Though the play on words, given a less tragic story, would at least be ironic).

Anyway, as I was saying… This could be the reason we’re not seeing more wood on this story:

I’ve never received less traffic on a day when I have received two sizable Instapundit links.

Both links were about Mideast stories.

Back when I worked on newspapers, we always knew that no matter how important the story, when a Mideast story was your lead/front page/wood/whatever, you were guaranteed really sucky newsstand sales.

But that was back in the days when what happened over there didn’t seem to affect our lives over here.

Now it does. Oh boy, does it.