Macho, macho man

Macho, macho man
: So enough about Mideast news (see posts below). It’s time for some show biz!

This dispatch from Australia amused me. I predict it’ll be a sitcom over here in two shakes of a tail:

PAUL Hogan, star of the Crocodile Dundee movies, will return to Australia from the US to play the comic role of a “gay” straightman.

Hogan will appear alongside The Castle star Michael Caton in the comedy Strange Bedfellows to be shot in August in the small Victorian town of Yackandandah.

The film tells the story of two straight old-timers in a small country town, who declare themselves a gay couple on a tax return out of financial desperation. On announcement a tax inspector is coming to check their authenticity, the pair are forced to learn how to pose as a loving homosexual couple.