Ow, Canada

Ow, Canada
: Canada is up in arms over the WHO issuing a travel warning to Toronto because of SARS.

Reality check: I was supposed to be in Toronto this week with my family for vacation. But we cancelled for two reasons: war (which was on when we were reserving) and SARS (which wasn’t this bad when we were planning). The truth is that we’re very glad that we’re not headed there now because of SARS.

  • Toronto’s mayor was going ballistic on the evening news last night. A friend of mine commented, “Wow, looks like the Yanks aren’t the only North Americans who know how to throw a strop [fit]!” Heh.

  • Mel’s mouth is more dangerous than SARS. He got the WHO mixed up with the Center for Disease control (they’re up from Atlanta helping out) leading to a priceless exchange reported in the Post:
    Reporter: Mel, you mean WHO…
    Mel: What?
    Reporter: WHO.
    Mel: Who?
    Reporter: Yeah, WHO.
    As The Blatch pointed out, its a good thing reps from the estate of Abbot and Costello were not where within earshot.
    Anyway: you know that old thing about judging Chinese restaurants based on the number of Chinese people eating in them? Well, here in Toronto, we have two (and counting) China towns, and the Chinese are avoiding them in droves. But city councillors and Cretien have been eating very public meals in them, to “fight off looming mistrust and racism”. “Don’t want a rerun of the Japanese internment camps, etc”. Canada–gotta luv us.

  • BTW: when you do make it up here, consult the Toronto Life Magazine website for very reliable restaurant etc recommendations.

  • Pyecraft

    ‘course, ya gotta know the mayor’s reaction was taken out of context. He was suffering from the Leaf’s early hockey playoff exit, and the fact Toronto was losing its coveted world-class label as blandest of all bland cities. Now known for something important, please spare a thought for a confused citizenry.

  • CSM

    For future reference, note that “Canada” is not up in arms about the WHO warning for Toronto. Toronto, and the central gov’t which caters to it, are up in arms. Those of us who live outside of Toronto or the central Canadian political power zones have been warning travellers for decades to avoid that rotting bilious pustule of a city :)

  • Okay, our mayor is a bonehead, our provincial leaders crude con men, and the rest of the country think we’re a “rotting bilious pustule”.
    We’re also the premier city of the country, and any extended economic damage we sustain will spread the hurt nationwide.
    It’s a shame you didn’t decide to visit, Glenn. Frankly, the whole SARS thing is a bit overblown, to be frank, and you’d be here for a patch of nice weather, not to mention discounts in shops and hotels and abundant seating in restaurants as everyone goes all chicken little.

  • So, I take it you’re going to get your employer to spring for all of us to come to New York to have lunch with you instead? (Meanwhile, I fear my friend Rick is showing symptoms of a different illness–one that makes him think he’s reading Instapundit :)

  • I agree that Glenn, I mean Jeff, should come up and visit all us nice (ha) Toronto bloggers sometime. But not if he’s expecting the squeaky clean Toronto of 80’s legend. Please Jeff, wait til we tidy up Yonge Street, aka The World’s Largest Outdoor Mental Hospital first, finish up the Waterfront, and (ha again) wind up the construction at the airport.

  • Jeff, sorry – you and Glenn are right next to each other on my bookmarks list, so I tend to visit one after another, at work. A sort of punchiness sets in after a few hours of editing photos – blogwearniess? bloglag? – and thus the slip.
    Still, my point stands. This whole thing is being overblown, and our mayor (as usual) hasn’t helped…