Critic, criticize thyself

Critic, criticize thyself
: Do we sense the irony in Tina Brown making fun of retired generals and retired cops appearing on cable criticizing employed generals and employed cops?

An old-style prewar pack frenzy hit when the Laci Peterson murder case returned to the American airwaves. Retired homicide detectives instantly supplanted retired generals as the electronic experts du jour.

Does Tina sense the irony, being that she is a retired editor making fun of employed editors on cable (when her show finally launches in April)?

She tries so hard in her latest column to find greater meaning in the fickle interests of TV and its audiences: war and Pfc. Lynch today, Laci tomorrow, Elizabeth and Chandra yesterday.

Why is cable news so addicted to missing girls and women? Is it because so much of the audience consists of boiling white males who feel stomped on by the economy and their wives, and girls in peril make them feel protective and virile? The rescue fantasy has never been more potent.

This from the former editor of Vanity Fair!

Methinks she’s trying too hard to find something to say in the media about the media. Methinks she’s thinking too hard. Methinks even she knows it.

I wonder when Americans will get tired of being told what to do and think. By publicists. By bloggers. By the Pentagon. By talk show hosts. We are punch-drunk with other people