War, who is it good for?

War, who is it good for?
: Michele has a deliciously cynical view of the anti-war show biz crowd: Protest as a career move.

I mean, who would really know that Tim Robbins still existed (except as Mr. Sarandon) if not for his public tirades against George Bush? Would Bill Maher have a tv show or Michael Moore an Oscar or Arianna Huffington a website if not for loud, public dissent?

It’s a marketing tool. The people who decry capitalism and all things America are the ones scooping up the cash by the fistful because they cry the loudest.

Don’t cry for the Dixie Chicks. They have risen to the top of the pop culture ladder because they said some nasty things about the president.

Ain’t that America?

As the war fades from the headlines, will these celebs find themselves suffering attention withdraws? Will their careers also fade?