This is what we are about

This is what we are about
: Freedom:

It is a sound which has echoed down the centuries but which has not been heard here for 15 years – the wailing call to prayer.

On Friday however, at 0430 (0130 GMT), in the minutes before the desert dawn, the voice of the Imam rang out.

What Saddam’s Baath party had forbidden, the British Army had restored.

  • Actually, this is what the “British” are about – the U.S. may well be about those fundamentalist Christian groups you mentioned just a few lines down as far as spiritual dealings go.

  • CBK

    “may well be” but is not.
    Heck, I live in the deep south and I don’t know any prostylatizing evangelical christians, except the pink haired woman on channel 7. And we just watch her for a laugh now and again.
    In our small city we have a large number of churches…catholic, presbyterian, methodist, church of god, baptist, lutheran, episcopalean, you name it. There are also 4 temples and 2 mosques.
    And hey, I don’t attend any of them. And I’m none the worse for it from my neighbors or my community.
    One of my greatest small joys is to hear the call to prayer every afternoon at lunch time -the exotic words sing out so haunting and beautiful while I stand among the decaying architecture of the old south.
    Yeah, freedom is a beautiful thing.

  • I belong to a very “conservative” faith and any one of us would fight for someone else’s right to believe as they choose.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    Hogwash, having lived in Baghdad I remeber being woken up at about 5 AM by the blasted taped calls from the mosque about two blocks away and going up on the roof several times to play the pipes when they started this nonsense several times a day. he din from the mosques only increased on their holidays.