Fundamentally flawed

Fundamentally flawed
: BeliefNet reports that fundamentalist Christian groups — including Franklin Graham’s — are itching to go to Iraq to convert Muslims.

That is the very last thing we need: fundamentalists from here mucking with the fundamentalists from there and giving Muslims reason to say that this is, after all, a crusade not a liberation.

Stay away.

: Meanwhile, the Emir of Qatar is holding a Muslim-Christian symposium.

  • Theresa


  • Pithpott

    Wrong on all counts Mother. Resurrect yerself woman and take a good look around. Show me ONE Islamic region where their leaders aren’t promoting violence via ignorance and intolerance.
    What “this” is all about dear, is oil and the power it provides. As usual, God’s merely a by-stander here. Intellect must now take charge and resolve the situation by the crusade of Hydrogen fundamentalists. Once conversion is complete, Islam can resume their in-fighting, continue to blame their failings upon the detested infidels, and return completely to the stone-age technology so beloved by their immoral mullahs.
    Until then, perhaps you’ll remember to include the other coalition troops in your prayers, even if they’re not all Catholics. Still, nice of you to post, and comforting to know the internet is available in heaven, for us all. Even Muslims.

  • I wrote about this a couple of days ago on my own blog. It’s all about whether they’re little-c christians, or big-C Christians. I hope they’re little c christians.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    Following this logic would you endorse a purge of Wahabbi chaplains in the US military or those fundamentalists recruiting for Islam in the US?