They fact-check each others’ asses

They fact-check each others’ asses
: The editors of the Mirror (anti-war) and Telegraph (pro-war) exchange emails.

Dear Piers,

…If you keep on using words like “obscene”, “lie”, “a mess”, “worst nightmare”, “chaos”, you impel yourself into a position in which successes for the coalition are almost unwelcome. How do you resolve this?…

Dear Charles,

…I understand you are lunching in Paris today. Your readers will be appalled at this gesture of solidarity with the filthy French. Bon appetit.

  • Delicious!

  • kkl

    Is The Mirror the paper with the “page 3” girl? I can’t remember. If so, taking that rag seriously is a huge mistake.

  • Sophie

    The Sun has the page 3 girl. Best known example: Sam Fox.