: The Centcom briefing this morning is reveiewing the entire operation — a military-subtle way of saying, “We’re in Baghdad and you’ said we were a quagmire. Nya-nya-nya.”

It’s not over yet. But it’s getting there…

  • Jeff, how much lie do you need to do not believe these claims?
    I`ve just watched TV – no troops or shootouts inside the city, just sounds of artillery strikes on the south. And Iraqi military reports that they pushed American troops off the airport, divided them and started to defeat them.
    According to what I watched by even CNN – no troops in the city. You can watch it too. And some reporters took a trip around the city and confirm it.

  • Yeah, Jeff! The Iraqi military said!

  • Phithpott

    Wake up you guys! The Iraqis have a whole universe where they have previously taped answers to all scenerios. I watch CNN too!

  • John Irving

    Whether the guy touring the crowd was a Saddamilcrum or the real deal is still in question. Also, this tape came out about two days after you claimed it existed, pithpott, which raises the question of what did you know and when did you know it? Heh.
    In any case, after watching the live tour this morning of the US touring Baghdad on M1A1 Abrams, I’m inclined to believe our guys. Just for the time being, mind.

  • Pithpott

    I darenot reveal its source, for fear of future imbeddedness, but do I hope the disinformation war continues a little while longer. I shall truly miss the Iraqi info minister’s ad-libbing. My bowels move beyond relief.

  • John Irving

    Y’know, if it turns out Mr Information Minister (never really abosrbed his name) has no actually complicity in war crimes or atrocities, he has a nice career ahead as a stand-up comedian. He’s great on the fly, isn’t he?

  • Pithpott

    No kidding. Any future justice doled out must surely include his exoneration, if not a medal of some sort for his contributions to our troops moral. In the event he also picks up an Oscar (even if for all the wrong wrefty wreasons), I dearly hope we catch a glimpse of Dennis Miller’s sour puss.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    Its amazing that sofa strategists, pacifist journalists toss around this word with such abandon. They used it in 1991 they used it in Afghanistan. And how about those idiots who rather believe the Iraqis than their lying eyes. Americans didn’t take the airport, and the tanks in front of Saddam’s palaces are what Hollywood special effects? After all the Iraqis are braying they have crushed the Americans. Didn’t Hitler say something like this in the bunker as the Russians closed in?

  • franki wango

    No, actually there is a big difference between WWII Germany and Iraq. Hitler was quite busy winning the war with phantom divisions. The Iraqi Minister of Misinformation is busy winning the war with video tape. My favorite is when they Iraqi forces, “cleaned the airport…” The Elite Republican Merry Maids?