: The CNN piece was just on. It went fine; quick as TV always is (and they accuse us of being quick on the draw).

Afterwards, the good Prof. Reynolds said smart things. They also interviewed Elizabeth Osder from USC J-school (who used to work for me). She appears to have changed her tune on weblogs.

Signing off.

  • Great job! Loved seeing you blog in a Manhattan park.

  • Tim

    Something about the quickness in which we comment on these things humors me. Great stuff.

  • Nice job.

  • Jason Whorton

    Hello. I just saw the piece on CNN and found the website from the link listed. I thought it was a good spot and I am glad to have found a place with more news, since I am “seeking broader information”.
    Thank you

  • Bert Van der Auwera

    I’ve seen it from Brussels, Belgium on CNN; nice job!

  • Man u people just try to get famuos on stupid web blogs cause your all just trying to play on halibitron like you war profiters hope you like killing 5 billion iraq babies like you kill 9 million afganis bunch of scum.
    (Jes kiddin’! Nice work, Jeff. Glenn was good, too. As for your former employee, I have a little bit of experience with those who end up at USC’s “school of journalism.” Maybe she changed her tune re: the weblogs, as you say, but she sure hasn’t learned how that fancy new teevee thing works! And Aaron Brown makes me want to bomb Atlanta. Oh, and how many times can CNN show its own freakin’ site on a segment about *other* sites. Jeebus.)

  • Jeff B.

    Hey you know, that fake troll post above was actually really funny. You’ve really got the ‘voice’ down, you know.
    As for you Jeff, I’m always kindly disposed towards folks who share my name, but even if you were named Mike Jarvis I’d still think you and Glenn did a good job. Elizabeth Osder, however, just seemed a *little* too slow on the uptake, as if she wasn’t yet entirely familiar with the medium she was talking about.
    It’s really nice to have a guy like you in the blogosphere – it conveniently helps the ‘sphere sidestep past Big Media credibility/dismissiveness issues, since you likely had just as much experience in the media as anyone else in the studio last night.

  • Beato ain’t gonna like this!