Inspectors speak

Inspectors speak
: Die Zeit in Germany talks to U.N. weapons inspectors and if my translation is correct (never a good bet; correct me if I’m wrong), they say that peace would have been possible through inspection but that they were hurt by France’s, Germany’s, and Russia’s refusal to back military force; that took the “teeth” out of their authority; it was “crazy.”

  • Stephen M. St. Onge

    Ah common Jeff, you know that war is never the answer.
    Be interesting, though, to see what Blix has to say about this. Well, amusing anyway

  • Sgt. Freiwilliger

    Hate to sound so . . . Heinlein . . . but when has war NOT been the answer? Pure force – or at least the threat thereof, has determined almost every issue in human history. “Never” is a word that intelligent humans should never use. It assumes that everyone is as “civilized” you. A really, really falacious assumption.

  • KH

    This is an incredible article. I’m amazed it hasn’t been fully translated and put at the top of every warblog out there. Someone needs to do a full translation pronto.

  • Wow. Great catch, Jeff. I’ll translate more of it ASAP, work permitting. This whole Die Zeit issue has more skepticism towards the European position than I’ve seen in a single issue of anything in Germany in a while: this, a Stoiber (opposition leader) interview, an article — by Naumann (!) — with the subtitle “Foreign policy without morality is cynical, but morality by itself doesn’t protect against terrorism and mass murder” with a key quote being “Order and freedum don’t just create themselves [via equitable distribution(?) – Gleichverteilung], but by the suppression of power [Gewalt, also violence] by yet greater power.” But then Naumann reverts to form, saying the UN process was the legitimate way to go. Easy to say; I guess he hadn’t read the rest of his own newspaper yet.
    But that’s just commentary; the inspector article is real news, I think. Wonder how Blix et al will spin it.

  • Random Numbers

    It looks like at least someone in Germany actually understands the nature of adversarial dipolmacy. It’s a pity that the “leaders” of their country are so used to the collaberative type that they forgot how to practice it.
    This war is not the failure of the US’s diplomacy, but that of France, Germany, and Russia (with a few supporting cast).

  • I’ve posted a nearly complete translation now.