Welcome, CNN viewers

jarvisTB.jpgWelcome, CNN viewers
: Welcome, CNN viewers. Good on you if you managed to catch the address and come here. This is my personal blog, which I started after 9.11. I also have a news war blog on the 10 newspaper-affiliated sites where I work. News-oriented posts go there; longer and more opinionated posts go here.

: Thanks to Emmanuelle for the photo.

: Much blogging on the appearance (this being the self-referential medium); find links on my Technorati cosmos (self-referencing, automated).

  • kkl

    This is a great site; I’m so glad I happened to catch you on CNN. Consider youself bookmarked. I’ll be back here often.

  • Jeff: Great seeing you on CNN last night. I needed a bit of your blogger’s energy after slogging through a few hours of lethargic Aaron Brown.

  • That was great. My favorite quotes: “It is so easy even us old guys can do it” and “Back off, Jarvis!”

  • Ellen

    Glad I caught you on CNN and remembered the site name. One needs more sources of info on how things are going.

  • This will teach me to fall asleep with CNN on in the background…woke up once to Glenn’s mug…next, to yours! (My bloggy senses must be so finely tuned that the war coverage lets me slumber, but mention the word “blog” and I’m all ears.) Loved the piece, especially the outdoor footage, your clear insights on the medium, and the trick at the end where the reporter’s face was subbed for yours on the vlog.