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Airline laptops

How are bored and anxious travelers going to manage 8-10-hour flights across the Atlantic with nothing to do — no computers, no iPods, no books, no nothing?
* I predict the airlines will have to start renting laptops if this keeps up.
* Why not lending libraries on the planes?
* Lots more magazines and newspapers. In-flight magazines just won’t cut it. When you start browsing that stupid catalogue before you’re off the ground, you know you’re in for hours of torture.
* Toys. Those bored kids are going to need toys.
* Gin and lots of it.

I emailed someone I know at Eos asking what they’re going to do. They’re formulating more plans but as a first step, they’re escorting passengers through fast-track security and providing on-board stocks of contact lens solution, contact lens holders, toothpaste with toothbrush, hypo-allergenic make-up kit, moisturizer, and other items.

And gin, lots of it.

I am so media-soaked now, I don’t know what I would do on withdrawl. I’m always writing or reading or watching or listening. And, no, don’t give me lectures about finding my inner self. I found him years ago. I hate being bored.