Airline laptops

How are bored and anxious travelers going to manage 8-10-hour flights across the Atlantic with nothing to do — no computers, no iPods, no books, no nothing?
* I predict the airlines will have to start renting laptops if this keeps up.
* Why not lending libraries on the planes?
* Lots more magazines and newspapers. In-flight magazines just won’t cut it. When you start browsing that stupid catalogue before you’re off the ground, you know you’re in for hours of torture.
* Toys. Those bored kids are going to need toys.
* Gin and lots of it.

I emailed someone I know at Eos asking what they’re going to do. They’re formulating more plans but as a first step, they’re escorting passengers through fast-track security and providing on-board stocks of contact lens solution, contact lens holders, toothpaste with toothbrush, hypo-allergenic make-up kit, moisturizer, and other items.

And gin, lots of it.

I am so media-soaked now, I don’t know what I would do on withdrawl. I’m always writing or reading or watching or listening. And, no, don’t give me lectures about finding my inner self. I found him years ago. I hate being bored.

  • Bet the airlines that concentrated on inflight online entertainment like Virgin are smiling today.

  • I’ve already changed my travel plans. I want to fly from London to Boston next month. Instead, I’m taking the Eurostar to Paris and travelling from Charles de Gaulle to Boston instead. The actions of my government have increased the cost of travelling by about £50 and the time of travel from 8 hours to about 12. I’d rather my journey took 12 hours with the ability to read a book and work on my code than it took 8 and I came out a nervous wreck.

    If you’re flying from the States, go to Paris and take the train to London. It’s relatively cheap, and has plug sockets for laptops. Or skip London altogether and go to Amsterdam. Weed is legal and there’s no paranoid coppers with machine guns.

  • Tired of the meaningless crap? Go on strike. Don’t go anywhere you need to fly to, and don’t fly to where you can get to by not flying.

    Drive, take the bus, take the train. Leave airport terminals empty, deprive their cities of taxes and revenues. Do what ever business you can online, and patronize hometown attractions.

    Leave the hotels empty and conferences unattended. Leave the planes sitting on the tarmac gathering dust as their workings corrode away. Leave the airport bars and restaurants empty of patrons as food and drink rot untouched.

    It’s time to take our lives back. Don’t travel until our protectors show they can grow up.

  • Alan: could you point me to a bus or train service which would allow me to travel from London to Boston? And I’m talking about Boston, Mass – not Boston, Lincolnshire.

  • I wouldn’t take a cruise ship these days, either: will get sick, will capsize, will fall overboard or, God help us, they’ll return to ships as terrorist targets.

  • Angelos

    We’re safer! Don’t you get it?

    But don’t worry, they will get bored of this shit in a few weeks, when airline income drops again, and we’ll all be back to normal.

    You can’t stop terrorists. Ever. But you can piss off customers.

  • Kat

    {You can’t stop terrorists. Ever.} They just did. If you want to direct your anger somewhere, try directing it at islamofascists–not the airlines, government, etc. They are just doing their job trying to stop gutblowers from blowing.

  • Can anyone explain why books and magazines have been banned? I still don’t understand the reasoning.

  • Kat

    Maybe they don’t want one carrying their bombmaking for dummies book or the jihad encyclopedia so to be fair they just ban all books.

  • Kat

    Or maybe they don’t want a hollowed out Koran with a detonator. Some books have those little batteries and sing–I suppose if you are evil enough, you could use that to kill people. And gutblowers always clutch their korans as they scream allah akbar and explode.

  • Angelos

    OK kat, so this will be that last attack? Ever? All done?

    Also, ‘splain me this: everything bad that’s happened since 2001 is Clinton’s fault. Right?

    When a Democrat takes over in 2009, and an attack happens in 2011, will it be the Democrats’ fault too?

    These 8 years never happened? Oh, that it were so…

  • Angelos

    “Two teenage boys face theft charges for allegedly possessing radios and other equipment belonging to a White House agency.

    The 13 year old and 14 year old, both of Bettendorf, were charged with second-degree theft and were under juvenile court supervision, court officials said.

    Court documents said the White House Communications Agency reported the items missing in July, less than a week before a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Two radios were recovered from the 13 year old not far from his home on July 30. The teen, who told authorities he found the items, also provided officials with two earpiece/wrist microphone combinations, according to the documents.

    Another handheld radio and seven earpiece/microphone attachments were found in the 14-year-old’s bedroom the same day, court documents show.

    It wasn’t clear how the equipment, valued at $10,000, was stolen or where it was taken from.

    Capt. Steve Brauer said the teens were charged only with possessing the equipment, not with taking it.

    He said he could not explain why one of the affidavits says that the crime of theft was committed July 17, the day of the vice president’s visit.

    A Secret Service spokesman and an official from the White House Communications Agency both declined comment.”

    Damned Clinton, he can’t even keep track of Cheney’s radios.

  • Kat

    Angelos–you’re blubbering and I don’t know what point you are making. I never said a word about Clinton in this thread. Been drinking that forbidden airlines liquid or what?

  • Angelos

    Do I really need to quote what you said a couple threads ago? Don’t play dumb. Not that you have to “play” it.

    Oh, and:

    “NBC News has learned that U.S. and British authorities had a significant disagreement over when to move in on the suspects in the alleged plot to bring down trans-Atlantic airliners bound for the United States.

    A senior British official knowledgeable about the case said British police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to obtain more evidence, while American officials pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner. The official spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the case.

    In contrast to previous reports, the official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. In fact, some did not even have passports.”

    So, let me get this straight: liquids last week – OK. Liquids today – no.

    I feel so much better now.

  • Kat

    Yeah, but a message that was intercepted said ” Attack now!!” You can’t trust those fanatics to keep their word. Remember lying is allowed if it benefits the cause of jihad.
    I imagine some people are terribly disappointed that the jihadis were busted………….
    Stick to the topic of the thread at hand. How the hell am I supposed to know you are replying to some other thread.

  • Kat

    But anything hidden inside a hollowed-out book would be picked up by the X-ray machine, surely?

    Do the authorities expect a terrorist to beat the pilot over the head with a rolled-up copy of Newsweek? Or kill him with a papercut?

    I don’t understand.

  • Kat

    Well, if it’s a koran, security would be afraid to treat it improperly for fear of reprisals so they’d likely not touch it.
    But, I really don’t know. Maybe they can soak pages with explosive stuff. I don’t have the twisted mind of a terrorist so like you, I don’t understand.
    Hopefully, airlines will offer reading material.

  • Ravo

    At another site I saw where someone suggested this:

    “Let’s have a separate security terminal at the airport for Muslims and then transport them on commercial airliners in sealed, bomb-proof containers in the oxygenated portion of the cargo hold – supplied, of course with an airline “snack box” for $5 and a drop-down movie screen showing G-rated movies.

    Problem solved. The rest of us can keep our toothpaste.”

  • Ha ha! I love the part about gin!

    But seriously, renting laptops is a great idea – and so would be having broadband on the flights – with a dedicated site that has in-flight content: streaming movies and TV shows, magazines on pdf, games, chat…

    I just probably won’t get onto first class to see it.

  • Kat, how about thinking for one moment why the hell these “islamofascists” are acting the way they are? Do you think they were just born with the intention to bomb you people? This thought process might lead you to the real underlying issues. I am not one of them, I am a neutral, non-religious person. As far as I can tell the state terrorism and the crimes committed by the US, UK and Israeli governments are by no means any better than what the “islamofascists” are doing! Angelos is right – there is no way you can win a “war on terrorism” and you can never stop terrorists by trying to fight them the way these governments do. To solve the problem, you have to eliminate the underlying causes of terrorism.

    The solution to the air travel problem is simple, at least for myself: I will not travel to the US and UK as long as such measures are in place.

  • Kat

    Peter–quit being a terrorist tool. Why are they killing on every country on earth? What policy of the Darfurians and Nigerians do they not like? Or the Sudanese? Is it their non muslamic beliefs? Would sharia in Europe appease them? What policy ofVan Gogh’s did they not like?

  • penny

    I am a neutral, non-religious person.

    So, what’s that mean? The perpetrators of 9/11, London, Bali, Madrid, Beslan just as ok as the Americans, Brits, and Israelis that hunt them down? Or, just as bad?

    And, “non-religious” confers what exactly upon the value of your opinions?

  • non-religious means i am neither a muslim nor a christian nor belonging to any other religion. neutral means i don’t belong to any political party or movement, i originally come from a neutral country called switzerland that has never engaged in a war. both of this confers that i try to understand both sides, not just look at it from one angle. you people have a very simplistic view of the world, there’s the good guys and the bad guys, like your president and the propaganda you’re watching every day tells you, right? just seems strange to me that the “good guys” acting in the name of “freedom and democracy” are killing MANY MORE innocent civilians every day than all the “bad guy” terrorists together. in the current conflict in lebanon, israel has killed over 1’000 civilians and displaced over a million while hizbollah has killed 150 israelis, mostly soldiers. the israeli army is committing blatant war crimes every day, thereby they make hizbollah stronger than ever before in the arab world and they cause the breeding of even more hatred against them. you can look up on the web yourself how many innocent civilians have been killed in iraq and afghanistan in recent years. are these countries at peace now? no way, the mess is bigger than ever. you didn’t answer my question – do you ever try at least for one second to put yourself in the mind of such a “bad guy” and ask yourself why the hell he decides to blow himself up, why they commit such terrorist acts? don’t believe everything cnn and fox tell you, think for yourself and look at history since ww2 to find the answers…

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  • penny

    Peter, Switzerland’s neutrality wasn’t a virtue during WWII – the war where decent folks made a decisive commitment and sacrifice to eradicate evil. After all, that’s where the Reich stored its money and booty. Switzerland gained financially by being Hitler’s banker. There are still to this day Holocaust victim’s with claims against Swiss banks trying to get their family’s art money back.

    Neutrality, as a position when confronted with evil, in my opinion, is just a form of moral bankruptcy. It’s hardly a virtue.

    And, being non-religious confers no special quality to you either.

    …”israel has killed over 1′000 civilians and displaced over a million while hizbollah has killed 150 israelis”….

    You, of course, have a linkable and reliable source to that statement? (The rantings of the DU or Kos don’t count.) How about sharing it with us?

  • Ravo

    …”israel has killed over 1′000 civilians and displaced over a million while hizbollah has killed 150 israelis”….

    It wasn’t Israel bombing the Gaza strip these past years and blowing up every Israeli civilian gathering place they could.

    Once war was formally declared last month, you can’t blame Israel for civilian deaths when Hizbollah conducted it out of homes with the residents still in them….all the while aiming for every Israeli civilian their limited weaponry could reach.

    If Israel had not taken the higher moral ground, and used restraint, even going so far as to warn ahead of time, they would have carpet bombed the entire country with weapons they possess which are a lot more lethal than those they used, and taken out Hizbollah and taken over Lebanon, in days….hours even.

    And there would have been no Hizbollah illusions about who won.

    Certainly if Hizbollah had the weapons Israel has and restrained itself from using, you KNOW Hizbollah would have used them to “wipe Israel completely off the map”.

    Wait! Have they not already told the world that?

    What is unbelievable is Israel’s restraint.

  • penny, here’s the latest bbc report – by now it’s 163 israeli casualties, which i regret as much as the over 1’000 lebanese casualties:

    this is not about switzerland and by no means i try to justify what swiss banks have done in ww2. i don’t justify any terrorist acts either, i condemn them as much as you do. i am not neutral to evil, i am neutral to the conflict in the sense that i don’t take any party’s side. this is about evil and deadly aggression happening on BOTH sides instead of constructive discussion and solutions. it is about people like you all seeing only one angle, seeing only one evil and justifying the evils your governments are doing by it. why do you talk about swiss banks instead of finally trying to put yourself in the other’s shoes for a moment and stopping to ignore what i’m asking you folks?

    let me give you an example of putting yourself in the other’s shoes. let’s say you’re an ordinary, non-criminal citizen of iran – yes, they do exist. your neighbouring country has been invaded recently by the usa. 20 years ago that same neighbour waged a terrible war on your country, financed by the same usa. your country is surrounded by nuclear powers, most of them hostile to you: russia, israel, pakistan, india, china plus the usa- and uk-forces in the region. most of them, lead by the usa, are threatening you with war if you develop nuclear power, be it peaceful or not. all of them have so many nuclear bombs they could blow up the planet many times – you are not allowed to have them, they are. would you be scared? what would you think of the world and the usa?

    i’m glad i’m not that guy. i’m an eternal optimist and i believe the human race will raise from the ashes, evolve from this very stupid animalistic behaviour and follow the path that people like jesus, gandhi, mandela and the dalai lama have laid out…and that even people like ravo will eventually learn to recognize the whole picture. yeah right, we should all be so very thankful to israel that they are so considerate of dropping leaflets before devastating the area AND bombing the vehicles who flee as instructed! So thankful for that extremely high morale ground of Israel to murder innocent UN staff besides all the innocent babies and children. you better stick your carpet bombs up your …, dude!

  • Mr. Morris,

    Put up a notice saying you need to get to Boston. Offer to help pay for petrol.

    Get yourself a bicycle.

    Go with a friend.


    Find out how close the bus gets to Boston.

    Take the damn initiative you lazy bastich.

  • penny

    Peter, you would have been an innocuous entity, blathering on and morally dissipated by the mid-1930’s, a Useful Idiot to fascism by omission in the late 1930’s, and definitely relegated to the dustbin of history in the late 1940’s as a fool, if not collaborator with evil.

    Get a grip. You are neither virtuous, scholarly(your knowledge of European history seems zilch) nor honest. Invoking “jesus, gandhi, mandela and the dalai lama”….the most hackneyed Visualize World Peace bumpersticker meme…..please.

    And, the BBC reports of anything, I think not. Perhaps you have been aware of the ridiculous bias and factual errors of all things ME reported by the MSM. You made statements with specific numbers, I’m still waiting for your verifiable sources on that.

    Oh, and, it is about Switzerland and the kind of people that like yourself, admired and invoke Swiss neutrality during WWII. I hope your logic is muddled because you are young and searching. If not, it’s sad.

  • Mr Kellogg,

    As much as I would like to use my initiative to get from London to Boston, perhaps you are not aware that (a) there is a little body of water called the Atlantic Ocean which separates the United Kingdom and the United States by about 3,000 miles; and (b) that it is in fact an ocean, a geographical entity not traditionally known for a prevalence of either cycle-lanes, buses, car shares or footpaths.

  • I’d say they’re just not going to fly from the UK, since that’s the only country that seems to be having these restrictions. I just flew to the UK across the Atlantic with laptop, Nintendo DS, camera — you name it. The restrictions from the UK will likely go away, as well, it seems.

  • Scott

    Peter, upon what are you basing the claim that Switzerland “has never engaged in a war”? My history book says otherwise. And, I realize the current Swiss Guard is more ceremonial than anything else these days, but there’s a reason Pope Julius II started using the Swiss Guard to protect the Vatican — and it’s not because the Swiss are nice guys.

    Also, I’m not aware of any of the nuclear-armed nations you mention that Iran is “scared” of advocating wiping Iran off of the map. However, I am aware that the current Iranian government has publicly stated that they want Israel wiped off of the map.

    In all of the discussion about electronics and carry-on luggage on planes, I’ve not really seen much discussion about the security of these items in checked luggage. Not having something to do on an 8-hour flight is one thing. Being told that you have to put your electronic items in your checked luggage is another. We’ve been conditioned for decades *not* to put such items in checked bags since there is a great possibility that the items will be stolen or damaged. I’m not aware that any airlines or airport security authorities have instituted any new guarantees against theft or damage, so asking me to put these expensive, “thief magnets” in my *unlocked* checked baggage is a non-starter, as far as I’m concerned.

  • penny, i am not going to argue with your insults – below my level, ridiulous what you people assume about other people (including muslims) without actually knowing crap about them. did i get this right, you’re saying the bbc is not a verifiable source? lol i guess if something is not shown on fox you won’t believe it, right? i’m not gonna waste my time finding other sources for these figures that have been reported endlessly on tv and in newspapers allover the globe the last few days – i gave you a credible source, you prove them wrong if you can! oh and tell me where i erred in this thread on european history? and, assuming you’re christian, you better think again of what you call jesus…

    scott, pls educate me in which war the country switzerland has engaged since it was founded in 1848?! and you better educate yourself a little better about the Swiss guard in the Vatican to understand what that is about…

    there is no point really in continuing this discussion as you obviously are not at all interested in discussing the points i’ve raised. plus we’re off the original topic anyway. but who knows, maybe you can really educate me about swiss and european history – americans always know better, right?

    this thread is a great example of american ignorance. and a great example of how blind people become when they’re full of hatred. no matter on which side. you people are by no means any better than the islamofascists you hate so much. go ahead, start more wars, warmongers. eradicate hizbollah, use your carpet bombs, destroy iran, get all the oil out of the middle east to fuel your fancy cars until there is no more, kill many more thousands of innocent civilians, elect another idiot for president, whatever – eventually you will get what you deserve!

    ever asked yourself why such a huge chunk of the world’s population hates america? no, i’m not talking about muslims now! i don’t hate america at all but i have below zero respect for ignorant people, no matter where they come from.

  • penny, there you go with cnn

    their figures are not far off from bbc, i guess it’s pretty obvious to the whole world that more civilians were killed by israel than by hizbollah.

  • Kat

    That’s because israelis did not hide behind and among civilians like the cowards did. When you build schools and hospitals and mosques but use the basement to store rocket launchers and missiles, what can you expect when Israel targets the source of the rockets being launched at them. Either the “civilians” are willing accomplises or they have been bamboozled by hezbollah. Blame the higher death toll in Lebanon on the terrorist hezbollah.

  • Chris mankey

    Or maybe they don’t want a hollowed out Koran with a detonator. Some books have those little batteries and sing–I suppose if you are evil enough, you could use that to kill people. And gutblowers always clutch their korans as they scream allah akbar and explode.

    Or a hollow out magazine, huh! You’re not a very intelligent person, are you? It’s called “Security theater” for a reason!

  • Chris mankey

    Either the “civilians” are willing accomplises or they have been bamboozled by hezbollah. Blame the higher death toll in Lebanon on the terrorist hezbollah.

    You mean The “Cilvilans ” who are “dead”. I’ve heard some were “Children” who were “killed”. Maybe they had some of those deadly “magazines” and “books”!

  • Hoe Town Jamborree

    Peter, don’t waste your breath, Kat is probably a christian…they cant be argued with… Just agree with them, besides according to the Jews, they are the ones going to hell…heheh

  • Hoe Town Jamborree

    i’d just like to add, it must take a lot of conviction in your beliefs to blow yourself up.. conviction in ones belief is usually regarded by christians as a virtue…just not in this case

    forgive them for gods sake… ho ho ho i’m killing me!!

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  • Its funny how much time has passed since this article was written. Most of the “terrorists” have been acquitted or had their charges dropped to very minor crimes such as not having the correct papers. Its silly that even in the light of this the measures against “terrorism” are still in place annoying all travellers that have to go through security nowadays.

    If the liquid bomb plot was likely or even possible it wouldn’t be so bad but the whole scenario is rediculous and the fact we are still being affected by this is crackers.

    Hopefully at some point someone will come forward with a real plan that will slow down terrorists without doing the one thing they want….

    us to change our way of life (which has been done many times thanks to their “actions” and our gov’s reaction to them)