What stands between us and electricity

Six days powerless so far. Looking at this, I’m guessing another week or even two.

  • That dog is fearless

  • Listen, I know this is no substitute for grid power, but if you need to keep things like cellphones of flashlights charged, this device can do it for you. The bigger the surface area, the more current it will generate. You probably have all the materials to make one right in your kitchen right now. Here’s the link:


    I ask one thing of you in exchange for this information: Propagate the hell out of it, Many people will be without power for weeks to come. This storm had a 1000 mile radius!! If you have a phone, you can call for help. If you don’t you’re screwed. I’ll have more tips for surviving without utilities in the next couple days.

    As a founder of the housing movement around Tompkins Square in the 1980’s, I developed or co-developed a lot of methodology for living without grid power. It sucks, but it doesn’t have to suck totally.

    Thanks for helping, and keep in touch, and stay warm and dry!

  • Larry Sheldon

    Maybe you could hire the folks from Alabama that came to help.

  • Larry Sheldon

    Nice cloudy overcast day for the solar! Windmill might noit have survived.

    PE95 would be a good thing.

  • Bruce Hackler

    Jeff do you live near ramble wood new jersey? That’s where are crews are headed today.

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  • Maybe the USA should start investing in underground cables.