Ideas to handle NJ’s gas crisis.

  • Tom Murin

    The gas problem would be helped by better information for sure. Obviously, as power is restored there will be more stations open and less need to fuel generators. I noticed that you figured out it was best to head west towards PA to get gas. I am in Califon, Hunterdon County, and I haven’t had too much of a problem heading West.

  • bwbishop

    There was a great discussion on this topic on the podcast EconTalk. Because NJ has anti-gouging laws, the prices can not rise high enough for gas station owners to justify renting generators to pull the gas out of the ground. Most of them have gas, few have power. If they can’t raise prices, then it doesn’t make sense for them to operate. The very laws design to protect consumers hurt them in the end. Just let the free market do it’s job.