Aspen: live

Today we’re presenting the work of CUNY’s New Business Models for News Project at the Aspen Institute’s Forum on Communication and Society .

Here is the presentation, which uses new software from Prezi. Just click within the screen once the presentation starts and you will advance to the next screen.

Click here to see the presentation full-screen.

NOTE: Here, thanks to GroundReport’s Rachel Sterne, is the archive of the presentation; it starts a few minutes in:

  • It is really unfortunate that the CUNY presentation on “New Business Models for News” focuses almost exclusively on the issue of hyperlocal news. Hyperlocal news is simply a type of “hyper-focused” news or news that is targeted at specific communities of interest. The geographically defined community of interest is only one of many such communities that apply to any single user. Focus on hyperlocal simply continues the broken models of the old newspaper business.

    bob wyman

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  • Eric Gauvin

    I thought some of the comments were very interesting. It does look quite a bit like a stripped down version of the current model with the same reliance on advertising. Basically the same as what we’ve got but on a much smaller scale and with low, low overhead to make it feasible for a few people to get started within smaller advertising markets. It does seem that this business model could be boiled down to “sell advertising very efficiently to small local markets.”

  • Ben

    Jeff, how would you say the plan laid out compares to what NBC Local Media is doing currently? Sounds pretty similar, no?

  • steve

    mr. jarvis-

    odd that only a handful of folks at the tables had their laptops like it appears you did (think i counted 4 total)

    also, these dudes (with due respect) are old farts– where are the young kids who are really the ones who have driven this change from day1?


    Jeff, I’m listening to your WWGD audio on my way from Rochester, NY to my job in Toronto. Fate of newspapers chapter today. Then I buy (newspaper junky) the National Post with the Financial Post business page and tons of web 2.0 articles. Looks like FP has, at least for now, a formula to “get real” to the readers who matter. Their web site is, naturally, loaded with good stuff as well. But the paper version has some relevant dying breaths.


  • angelos

    Can you kill the autoplay on this thing? Blogging 101, man.

    • oh, crap, sorry. didn’t know it was doing that. as soon as the conference ends this a.m., i’ll kill the player.

      • angelos

        I know, just being a little snarky.

        I’ve learned that the hard way too a couple times. Gotta inspect the embed code…